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There is nothing that makes me happier than to wake up to a review from a client that lets me know how happy they are! Take a look at some of the super sweet things just a few of my previous clients had to say!



Dr. Wendy Wolfson

I HIGHLY !!!!! Recommend Tiffany for your website and branding needs. She did an amazing job on my website and was unbelievably helpful with guiding me along the way. She helped me define my tastes and tone of my business and then did a wonderful job of capturing it on my website. She delivered exactly what I wanted without me having to tell her. I believe her process really allowed me to develop my ideas and she was able to bring everything together. She was so fun to work with and the utmost professional!!!

SERVICE BOOKED: Full Effect Brand + Website Package

Dr Wendy Wolfson  Testimonial | Tiffany Kuehl Designs

Chantel Balch Testimonial |Tiffany Kuehl Designs

Chantel @ Pretty Hustle Nation

I connected with Tiffany in a Boss Mom Facebook group & noticed quickly how knowledgable & helpful she is. I first got her to help me with my Brand Moodboard to help gain some clarity on my new biz venture. This was where my brand was born. She is swift, professional, kind, patient, & has THE EYE for design. Shortly after I asked her to help me with my website & OH. MY. GOSH. . . it blew me away. I just had a sneak peek at it now & it’s everything I dreamed of & more. Tiffany didn’t just create a website for me, she brought my Brand to LIFE. I literally teared up. I 110% recommend this Branding Queen!

SERVICE BOOKED: Custom Logo & Website Design


Niki@ The Niki Whiting

Tiffany has been INCREDIBLE to work with. From the start, I shared my vision for what I would like my website to BE and DO and she's made every effort to make it just that! She took my personality and things I love and turned it into a beautiful website design. Tiffany has been a pleasure to work with, answering my questions always, being patient with me, and allowing me to really design a space that was perfect for MY brand. I couldn't have done it without her! I would recommend her for anyone looking to build a website thats functional, easy to navigate and pretty!

SERVICE BOOKED: Custom Logo & Website Design

Niki Whiting Testimonial | Tiffany Kuehl Designs


Nacondra @ Exceptional Tax Services

Tiffany was amazing to work with. She really took the time to help me focus in on my brand. She brought things out of me that I felt emotionally, but could not put into words. By working with her, she helped me to really focus in on the "mood" of my brand. What we created together resonated with me on a deep personal level, while also providing great inspiration and clarity.

SERVICE BOOKED: Custom Moodboard


Lacreshia @ The Living Well

Working with Tiffany spurred me on, encouraged me to do what I knew needed to be done for a long time. Having her insight on my web presence for my business helped me to update my site for mobile accessibility, aesthetics and greater search engine optimization. I moved from page 7 to page 3 on Google searches and my site is much easier to navigate on mobile devices. She gave me confidence and recommendations for my social media platforms. But the greatest gift of my Clarity Call was knowing that someone I could trust would be there to answer my questions along the way...during my website's transition as well as down the road.

SERVICE BOOKED: Clarity Call | Tiffany Kuehl Designs | Clarity Call Testimonial

Katie @ Brewing Up Style

Katie @ Brewing Up Style

Tiffany was the perfect person to choose for a brand/website audit. She spent 24 hours with my site before the phone call and I felt like she really understood my personality and what I was going for with my blog. Since I am new to blogging, her recommendations were all things that I felt like I could achieve on my own without spending an extraordinary amount of money. Her ideas were practical, straightforward, and aligned perfectly with my goals. I’ve already put some of her suggestions about my social media into place and have gained more followers than ever overnight! I know that if I need anything, I can reach out to her and she’ll be there. That’s more than I could ever ask for!



Shannon @ Sweet Stella's

I absolutely love working with Tiffany. I’ve been working with her on branding for about 3-4 years now and she never fails! 
I can draw something on a piece of scrap paper and she just gets it. 
Recently, she pushed me to take the plunge and really own my spot in my demographic and marketplace. It was brilliant and I don’t regret it one bit!

SERVICE BOOKED: Custom Branding & Website Design


anna @ Elle Belle Client Testimonial

Anna @ Elle Belle

As a new blogger, I found Tiffany through Megan Martin Creative. Megan recommended her to me and after I spoke to Tiffany twice via email, I knew I wanted to work with her immediately! So, I began working with Tiffany a few months ago and I'm SO beyond pleased and impressed!! She was right inside my budget and she exceeded all of my expectations!! She was so tedious, she answered any questions I had and gave her honest opinion whenever I needed it. Her work is amazing and she always checked in with me to make sure I loved it. She played a HUGE role in making my blog a success and I don't think it would have gone as smoothly without her and her expertise! She helped me understand Squarespace more and she acted as a blogging tutor just as much as she did a graphic designer! Tiffany is truly amazing and I would recommend her to any future/current bloggers, business owners, and more. Thank you, Tiffany!! I loved working with you and look forward to working with you in the future! xoxo

SERVICE BOOKED: Branding & Website Design

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