My goal is to create a web design that just screams YOU. We will work closely together through the whole process of the design. At this point we should have already done on form that gives me a general idea for your band. This form will give me the exact info that I need to design your website. 

Have fun with it!

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Phone Number
Phone Number
When I add custom images to your blog, I will need somewhere to host them. Photobucket is a free option for image hosting,and only takes a moment to set up. So if you don’t have an account already, please take a moment to create one.
Your Design
This is where we get to know your design taste a little more. Think about each question and answer to the best of your ability.
If you are wanting a tagline, please include that here!
Please let me know what your Pinterest username is here!
Please email me a picture to use at tiffany@tiffanykuehldesigns.com!
Please include the link to each one!
Next to each link, please tell me what it is you like about each one!

Thank you so much for filling this out! If I have any more questions I will be sure to email them to you!