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Meet Tiffany

Hi! I'm Tiffany

I am a graphic designer who focuses on brand development , social media management, and website design for entrepreneurs. My goal is to create a brand identity that truly reflects the talent and personality of your business with amazing strategies that help catch the attention of your dream client at the same time. 



Let's Get A Bit More Personal!

When I am not designing I am spending every second that I can with my family! I am married to the most amazing man who just gets me! We have been together for right at 10 marvelous years, and married for 4! We have two beautiful little girls named Sydney and Emma! This past year has been such an amazing and life changing year for my little family, and I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for us! As silly as it may sound to some, we are inseparable. You rarely see one of us without the other three. So FAMILY is definitely one of the most important things in my world, and it's because of my family that I have this business. I run it with the family first mentality.

I am a bit OCD and have to-do lists going at all times for all aspects of my life! I may use digital organization, but there is just something about a beautiful notebook and colorful pens that make my heart skip a beat! Pops of color and Geometric patterns make me happy! I'm always obsessed with finding the perfect font! I love sci-fi and DOCTOR WHO is a favorite show for my entire family! If you have no idea what that is, then please stop everything right this very second and Google it! I cannot get through my morning without a cup (or two) of coffee in my cutest mug. I love animals of all kinds, but owls are definitely a favorite! My personal style is all about being simple with pops of color, and this is totally obvious when you look at my wardrobe!

Basically, when you work with Tiffany Kuehl Designs, you get Tiffany in every aspect! I am super personal and love making clients into friends. If you are ready to get to know each other a little better before clicking that button to purchase, just say hello! I love to chat!

backstory quote


Sydney is happily watching cartoons in the living room, my favorite white mug with the little black letter K is filled with what is most likely my second or third cup of coffee for the day. Emma is fast asleep for a few minutes so the computer is calling my name.

Upon opening the email app on the computer there is a response from an inquiry that would have been an absolute dream to land. It reads;

"Thank you for being so prompt, but we have decided to go with someone else.”

Okay, there are millions of designers out there, that makes sense. But that question starts nagging me again. "Is there something missing???”

My hands mindlessly type in the URL that has been typed so many times that it's etched into my brain. Looking through it all again that feeling starts to happen. Sure, the website is okay but, let's face it, it was put together in a rush and is never really maintained. The systems I love and promote aren't being used, and the there is just something missing all around. This business is a passion and just isn't shown the love it should be. Is that what those dreamy people who book other designer are seeing? Maybe it's time that the advice I give out daily is used... It's time to show those dreamy clients who I really am and what I can really do! "


Have you ever had thoughts like this? I can tell you from experience that there is truly nothing worse as a business owner than knowing that you are crazy talented and could help so many people, but maybe your branding is less than amazing or you just don't have the right strategies in place to reach your target audience. Your first impression is really holding you back, and it makes your business struggle and makes you feel kind of crappy and unmotivated.

Guess what... YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I am here to help you! Together we will work on discovering your style by identifying the story behind your brand and designing the essentials that you need confidently run a kick ass business and have fun doing it with strategies in place to save you time and money.

So, are you ready to work together and create a kick ass brand? Or are you okay with just being where you are?