Define Your Brand Colors Using Pinterest To Create A Custom Mood Board

Freebie - Moodboard Example | Tiffany Kuehl Designs


My favorite part of our design process might quite possibly be creating mood boards for each and every client!

What is a mood board you ask?

Well a mood board is a fun little image that we create that gives off the "mood" for your brand! haha! See what I did there??? In all seriousness though, it should have the overall vibe that you want your brand to have in terms of look, feel, and even typography. So if there are patterns you love, colors, fonts, etc. that you are just absolutely obsessed with, that could be something that is a part of your moodboard. I'll show you just a couple that I have done below.

After being asked how to go about providing inspiration for a mood board I decided to help create a PDF worksheet to help you!