Cash Flow Talk is a business run by a husband & wife duo who are on a mission is to abolish the "broke" epidemic. They help entrepreneurs create a life of their dreams, and they have found that the traditional educational systems fails to teach entrepreneurs how to make it out there. That’s where they come in. They have learned business in the streets and are there to teach the real way to do business today and elevate your success.


Cash Flow Talk Moodboard | Tiffany Kuehl Designs  As always our first step in the branding process was the moodboard, and the vibe that this one gives off just speaks to me! It’s fun and professional with a feminine touch!  #branding #logodesign #colorinspiration #moodboard #brandinspiration
Cash Flow Talk Logo | Tiffany Kuehl Designs  This logo is everything! It’s simple with fun little quirks. We were able to make it feminine, but professional with the use of fonts and colors. I am in love!    #branding #brandstylist #logodesign #logo
Cash Flow Talk Color Palette | Tiffany Kuehl Designs  I am obsessed with this color palette! It is feminine, yet can be very minimal and professional!  #color #colorpalete #branding #brandstylist #logodesign #logo
Cash Flow Talk Brand Board | Tiffay Kuehl Designs  I love how the Cash Flow Talk brand turned out! A #brandboard is your branding details at a glance, and I am dying over these details!  #branding #logodesign #colorinspiration #moodboard #brandinspiration #brandstyleguide #brandboard