What the heck is a clarity call?


Right about now, you are probably thinking “WHAT THE HECK IS THIS ALL ABOUT?”. Am I right?

This call can be many things! Not sure where to begin? Want a private Squarespace lesson? Need that business bestie to just bounce your ideas off of and figure out your next steps? Or are you interested in an actionable brand and/or website critique?

Well friend, I’m here to help you!

When you book your call I will ask you a short series of questions. This will define what you are actually looking for in your call.

With the crucial information that you provide, I then basically stalk you and your business for 24 hours ;-) . No, really I take that information and I look over every single aspect of your brand, your online presence, and any other aspect in which you put yourself out there. I look it over several times and I take notes while doing so. Then when we have the video or voice call that we scheduled, I become the business bestie that you have always needed! Because we all need that friend right? I will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about what I have seen. But, I will also give you easy actionable steps to improve where you need to.

It's really not so scary, or even painful. I actually find them extremely fun to do! I feel that it can help provide a breath of fresh air into your business, before you take on your next big step.

TIMELINE: 24 hours


How Do I Know If I Need Brand Clarity?

A Clarity Call will benefit you if...

  • You look at your website and while you like it, you just can't help but wonder if something is wrong because the numbers just aren't there!

  • You are considering rebranding or redesigning, but just aren't sure if it's worth it or you need it.

  • You are putting your heart and soul into this project but nothing is changing and you just feel lost!

  • You really just want the input on whether you could be doing things better.

  • You are good at taking advice and acting on it.

You may not benefit from a Clarity Call if...

  • You can't take honest feedback without getting offended.

  • Your shit is just amazing and you have no worries!

  • You don't like knowing whether or not you could be doing even better!

  • "I'm a leaf on the wind..."



So, are you ready for some Brand Clarity?


Client Feedback

There is nothing more reassuring than hearing about a service or product from someone who has been there and done that.



Lacreshia @ The Living Well

Working with Tiffany spurred me on, encouraged me to do what I knew needed to be done for a long time. Having her insight on my web presence for my business helped me to update my site for mobile accessibility, aesthetics and greater search engine optimization. I moved from page 7 to page 3 on Google searches and my site is much easier to navigate on mobile devices. She gave me confidence and recommendations for my social media platforms. But the greatest gift of my Clarity Call was knowing that someone I could trust would be there to answer my questions along the way...during my website's transition as well as down the road.


Lacreshia @ The Living Well | Clarity Call | Tiffany Kuehl Designs

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Katie @ Brewing Up Style

Tiffany was the perfect person to choose for a brand/website audit. She spent 24 hours with my site before the phone call and I felt like she really understood my personality and what I was going for with my blog. Since I am new to blogging, her recommendations were all things that I felt like I could achieve on my own without spending an extraordinary amount of money. Her ideas were practical, straightforward, and aligned perfectly with my goals. I've already put some of her suggestions about my social media into place and have gained more followers than ever overnight! I know that if I need anything, I can reach out to her and she'll be there. That's more than I could ever ask for!