My Secret Recipe For An Amazing About Page

Before I go too deep into this post, let me just say that I am typing this from personal experience. So no judgement here! I just want to help you create the website of your dreams in any way that I possibly can!  


People should be able to go to your about page and leave feeling like they have a sense of who you are. They need to see you and your personality SHINE through!  

My Secret Recipe For An Amazing About Page | Tiffany Kuehl Designs  Your about me leg can be so intimidating, but I’m here to help you with my secret recipe to an amazing about page!


 So the first thing I am going to talk about isn’t really just for your about page. It’s for any page. People are very visual, so you want large, clear, high quality photos and in this case I am using one for a banner image  


You always want your about page to have a good photo of yourself. And no a blurry shot that just so happens to be your favorite photo of yourself from a few years back does not work. That photo of you at your sisters wedding, but cropped in tight does not work. I would even go as far as to say that the photos that look like you went to Walmart and stood in front of that two-toned backdrop will not work! If you can afford it, hire a photographer and take photos at a gorgeous location that is relevant to your life or your business, but if not then at least make sure that your photo is a killer photo of you that is large and  high qualitywith you in focus. There is nothing that kills an about page quite like an old blurry photo. 


Are you thinking “Why the heck do I need to introduce myself? This is my website!”? It’s always a good reminder to tell them your name. Plus the way that a person introduces themselves can show a lot about who they really are! So yes, you do need to do some sort of an introduction.  


Now that we know what you look like, and what your name is, give us something to remember you for. Tell us what you do, why you do it, who you do it for. What is your story? Do this while giving relateable details about yourself. In my about section you learn that I am a coffee obsessed designer who lives in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. While those details aren’t necessarily crucial in you knowing what I do, it gives you a little peek into my life and my personality. It makes a person a little more relateable. So tell us your story!!! Let us know what makes you you, what makes you unique?  


I always like to add a contact button on the about page so that someone can just reach out to me if they want to. Just below your brand story always Veela like the perfect place.


 Sometimes your about page can have a lot of text on it  I like to break up the sections a little bit with something visual, in this case I would put a solid color, maybe with a little text to let them know what to expect next. On my page it would say “Let’s Get Even More Personal!”. You don’t have to do this though  you could also break it up with some photos or even a bit of pattern.


You know how I mentioned those little unnecessary details? I like to give those extra special attention at the bottom of my about page, complete with visuals! (See numbers 7 & 8) I like to give even more detail into my quirks and what makes me tick. For example I have a picture of my girls because they are my everything. There is a pretty minimalistic black and white geometric pillow because that’s so my style. Coffee is LIFE so I have to jnclude that. My family has an obsession with Doctor Who and we watch it together all the time. So you see the Tardis. And then there is my silly love for owls. I don’t know why, but they are so cool and beautiful to me. Do you NEED to know this about me? Heck no! But knowing this helps you see who I really am and if we might just possibly click and become great friends. It will help either draw you in or repel you. But guess what, that’s exactly what you want!  Your website should either attract your ideal client or repel the ones that just aren’t right for you! 


If you have a email list, drop a sign up for that baby in rigt here! You always want to give someone a chance to sign up. If you don’t have one yet, you need to! Mailchimp is free and easy to use! Your welcome! Haha  


I know that I am going over this one last, and that there isn’t a number for this on my informational graphic, but honestly it’s the most important thing for your about page. I mean honestly without this even your website just won’t go where you want it. You always have to have YOUR PERSONALITY there. I mean have it oozing from the pages my friend. Too many times I see people try to be super professional and remove all of the personality and the quirks from their page so they can book more people. I mean I know I did it when we rebranded. But guess what, when I did it there were crickets. I didn’t get a single inquiry. Then I went back in and revised EVERYTHING so that it really went with my personality and who I am. I mean, I’m one of those people who writes like I talk, but you sure as heck couldn’t see that in my website. Once I added my personality back in, I had someone reach out to me about doing a project. I am taking less than 48 hours later! You want people to want to work with YOU! You have to let them get a sense of who YOU are when they go to your website! Nobody wants to work with a robot. But you better believe they will want to at least talk to or follow someone that they feel like they connect with on a more personal level!