Social Media DOES NOT Replace A Website

Social Media DOES NOT Replace Your Website! | Tiffany Kuehl Designs

Okay friends, I’m going to go ahead and give you a fair warning. This post might quite frankly tick a few people off. But I have to tell you guys they truth!!!!

I see people way too often say that you can run your business from social media. You don’t need a website.

You guys, that is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard in my life. Lol. 

Social media is GREAT! It is absolutely something that you need to utilize to HELP BUILD your business. Social Media is a great place for you to get to know and gain the trust of your ideal client. But it is not what you need to RUN YOUR BUSINESS from.  

Now I know some of you people are wondering why right?  


You know that Instagram feed that you spend countless hours curating and making look just perfect while growing your following/audience? Or what about that Facebook group that you pour your heart into running. You do not own it! It could quite literally disappear in the blink of an eye. In fact this happened to thousands of people when there was a breech of Facebook security and they deactivated accounts just for safety. If you run your business solely through social media you are so freaking screwed at this point, and that can be devastating. 

BUT what if while you are building your social media and doing all of this, you are funneling them to YOUR WEBSITE which is your true home on the interwebs because you actually own that shit! That’s where you know you have that security. It’s not going anywhere. You can handle all of your business right there and it looks way more professional! Even better yet, on your website have a newsletter sign up! Why? Because this gives you a way to reach out to those lovely followers/readers/potential clients where they will actually see and possibly listen to what you have to say if something happens toy our favorite social media platform!  

Now my intention of this post is not to bash social media. I have a love hate relationship with posting consistently, but it is truly a beautiful thing for anyone building a business.However, it doesn’t need to BE your business! You need to have that security of not having your brands life solely in someone else’s hands. There is no better way to do this but to have your own beautiful designed website!  

I know, I know, You might be thinking that I feel this was because I’m a designer and I enjoy designing websites for my clients. While I would happily help you wil your website, you DO NOT have to spend a fortune investing in a website as you are starting out. Squarespace is an amazing platform that you can use to get started! Choose our template and simply apply your brand standards to it. While you may want to invest in help down the road, it doesn’t have to be your first step. You can still have a BEAUTIFUL website that you can guide all of your clients to and that people on the internet can find you through!