What EXACTLY Do You Do?

I don't know about you, but the last 6+ years have been a huge growth and development period for us over here at Tiffany Kuehl Designs. As time has gone on, our services, our target market, and even our design methods and style have grown and changed. I feel like every business goes through this, and we all experience the joy of a pivot in our business or a moment of huge growth.

But here is the thing… Do people actually know what you do?!?

What EXACTLY Do You Do? | Tiffany Kuehl Designs

Our business has been primarily online for so long, and we are actually in the process of booking not only our first local clients but clients that help push our business in the direction that we are trying to go! While we were having our meeting with this client on Monday she asked us this question, and it kind of shocked me.

What exactly do you do?

I was so excited to jump to answer this question for her, and for you!

We are Tiffany and Christian Kuehl, and together we run a full-service branding studio. We can do your branding, your website, your printed marketing collateral, and even social media management. If you're local we can even offer you headshots and brand photography. We also design and print other products like birthday and engagement / wedding announcements. It is our goal to give you EVERYTHING you need from personal to running a kick ass business confidently.

But this simple question made us really think about it. I have worked with many entrepreneurs in the past to do a logo, or a website, or even just a blog. I bet they have no idea what we actually offer other than the service that they paid for at the time. And like I said before, we have grown tremendously over time. The services that I offered four years ago, heck even one year ago, are not the same services that I offered then.

So tell me my fellow entrepreneur friends, what exactly do you do?!? Is it clear on your business cards, your website, and your social media? Have you touched base with past clients to let them know? It's a scary thought to reach out, but it really couldn't hurt. Just whatever you do, make sure that nobody will come to you asking you that simple question, especially if they have known you for any amount of time.