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A few years ago I did the branding and a website design on the Blogger platform for a client (turned dear friend) of mine named Shannon.

I have always LOVED working with her, and have been doing updates for her brand as time went on. There was just one problem, her website was still on blogger after all these years... Over the last couple of years, she would contact me for updates and always mention that she would love certain features that she sees on other websites and I would mention that blogger is kind of limited and unfortunately you can't really do a lot of those features while staying on that platform. I always tried to convince her to make the switch.

Sweet Stella's Logo | Designed By Tiffany Kuehl Designs

Since we already had the branding done, only wanting to update the colors a little, and we knew what our content would really be, this website would be a breeze!

This is what we were starting with…

Sweet Stella's Blogger Design | Tiffany Kuehl Designs

While there was nothing WRONG with the existing website, it really just didn't fit with how far her business has come! When we first designed this site it was actually for her art! Yes, you read that right. Over time she became a doula and created an amazing business out of it! During this time the focus of her website shifted. She has grown this business out of nothing and it is flourishing like you wouldn't believe. But, when she would give her information out it would take you to a so so website. That was not okay with me because she deserved so much better!

So when she contacted me wanting to implement a few new changes for the new year to the Sweet Stella's website, I gave it another go. I told her that I could do minimal changes that wouldn't do everything she wanted on Blogger OR I could take her business to the next level and give her the website of her dreams on Squarespace.

This year she finally did it!!! I convinced my dear sweet friend to leave Blogger behind and move it on up to the amazing world of Squarespace!If I'm completely honest with you, it just might be one of my absolute favorites for websites that I have designed so far!

Sweet Stella's New Website | Squarespace Design | Designed by Tiffany Kuehl Designs

With Shannon's website, the colors are simple and soft, yet they pop out in little elements. Her entire brand has sort of a soft bohemian vibe, and I wanted to keep that while still making it feel super professional. The photos are gorgeous, and take center stage, and all of our little elements just helped it go that much further. We really didn't leave a single stone unturned with her site.

I wanted to leave her with a website that was perfect in every way, and that she didn't have to do anything to before launching! I wanted to make it so that all she had to do to keep it going was her regularly scheduled blog posts.

When you first land on her site, you immediately know what her website is for! The first thing that catches your eye is the beautiful image on top of a moms hands on her belly. I'll even let you in onba little secret. That's actually one of the doulas on her team! Next you will see a little blurb about their business, and then you reach a section which highlights all of the areas that Sweet Stella's can help support an expecting or new mom.

Sweet Stella's New Website | Squarespace Design | Designed by Tiffany Kuehl Designs

I personally love this section. Her team offers so much more than just support during the pregnancy. They have prenatal, birth, and postpartum support. Then they have a section called mindful motherboard which features both podcasts they have done and blog posts. Now top that off with in person or online workshops and even blog posts! They offer so much that could help a mom at any point in their journey. Each page even has little client testimonials scattered across them so that you can see what they had to say after their experiences. 

Sweet Stella's New Website | Squarespace Design | Designed by Tiffany Kuehl Designs

I love that we did that rather than setting up a page dedicated just to testimonials because it just gives you a glimpse at how each service made the client feel. Since we couldn't miss a single detail, we went as far as creating individual contact forms that, when submitted, go to the individual email for each team member on the contact page.

Sweet Stella's New Website | Squarespace Design | Designed by Tiffany Kuehl Designs

I then went as far as setting up the old posts so that when I transferred the content over they appeared right on the new pages. I even creating a blog page just for her that had tutorials that I knew she would find useful having just switched over. EVERY SINGLE DETAIL was meant to make her life so much easier in the end.

I will never forget how happy it made me when she was just starting to really dive into the platform, and I was just staring with a few of my ideas on her website, and she thanked me! She told me how happy she already was with this platform and that she was so happy she switched. All I ever want to do is help my clients make the most of their business and their brand. The fact that I got to do that for a friend just made me over the moon happy!

So if you are in the Toronto/London area of Canada and need a doula, I know just where you can find them. But if you just want to check out a beautiful website created for an amazing team of women you can do that here as well

What Shannon Said

Shannon at Sweet Stella's | Tiffany Kuehl Designs
I absolutely love working with Tiffany. I’ve been working with her on branding for about 3-4 years now and she never fails!

I can draw something on a piece of scrap paper and she just gets it.

Recently, she pushed me to take the plunge and really own my spot in my demographic and marketplace. It was brilliant and I don’t regret it one bit!