Finding The Right Hashtags & How To Use Them

Anyone who runs a small online business knows that there are only so many ways that you can really promote yourself and get your business out there to be seen! Word of mouth is huge, but the next biggest thing is definitely using social media! You really have to see which social media platform work best for you in the end, but if you aren't using them at all you are really not marketing your business to is fullest potential.

In my line of business Instagram is a huge platform that is just ready to be used to help you show off your business and let people get to see and know you! You can he professional, and still put little personal posts out there as well. But unfortunately just posting doesn't help everyone see or find you. You want to know what does help with that?


I know that if you have an Instagram account you have seen them, and sometimes they are honestly picked at random. But if you do it right, the proper hashtags can really help you be seen by the people in your target audience who use Instagram for researching! People are so visual these days, and being able to see images, products, and posts related to your brand helps the viewer get to know you before they even contact you. It helps build a trust between you, and makes you so much more approachable in my opinion.

But how the heck do you know what hastags to use?!?

Finding The Right Hashtags & How To Use Them

I know that the task of finding the rights hashtags can feel so overwhelming. But honestly it just requires a little bit of research! Here is how I did it!

If you are anything like me, you like following like minded people who you relate to and enjoy seeing their posts right? In my case this means on my business Instagram I follow other designers I love, small business moms, and other inspiring bosses! So to find my hashtags I looked at the tags of those like minded accounts. I went to the accounts of my favorite designer friends and looked at posts similar to what I do. Then I looked at their hashtags. I took a screenshot of each and then eventually went and wrote them all down. You will notice some that they all have in common, and some that just stick out to you. Then take some time and search through those hashtags on Instagram.  Is that group of posts something that you want to be a part of? If so then you have found your tag! I then did this some momma accounts as well that I like to follow. 

It really can be that simple! It does take a little time, but it's well worth it in the end! If it puts your brand out there in the eyes of the right person, and if you get even one sale from it, you have spent your time well. Just make sure when you are coming up with your hashtags for a post, that you limit yourself to no more than 30! Instagram will actually not allow your post if you exceed that number.

Speaking of using up to 30 hashtags, I have another tip for you today! You have gone through all of the work of coming up with the perfect hashtags for your brand, and possibly even different groupings for certain photo types that you post. Now how the heck are you going to remember all of these freaking hashtags?!? Well, you have two options!

Create a note - in your notes app on your phone, or even in a doc on Google drive, write out the types of posts you commonly do, and then simply add the hashtag group right there. Then just copy it and paste it in to Instagram when you do your post. If you use a ton of tags I kind of recommend adding your hashtags in as a separate comment or making sure there is space between your text and your tags.

Keyboard Shortcuts!!!! - OMG! Where has this shortcut option been all of my life?!? Did you know that you can actually set it up so that when you type in a single word, your string of hashtags will pop right up?!? For example, on my Instagram if I am posting a somewhat personal post I will type in kickassmompreneur and this is what shows up!

#Mompreneur #bossmom #momswithbusiness #createyourhappy #livethelifeyoulove #investinyourself #persuepretty #inspiration #thatsdarling #smallbusiness #smallbiz #webdesign #youngentrepreneur #entrepreneur #creativeentrepreur #communityovercompetition #womeninbusiness #savvybusinessowner #risingtidesociety #smallbusinessowner #georgiabusiness #georgiadesigner #girlboss #bosslady #bossbabe #mycreativebiz #freelance #designyourlife #livecolorfully #tiffanykuehldesigns 

I mean, how freaking simple is that! So this is how you do it. You know that note that you created when you were searching for the right hashtags? Well copy a group of tags to your device. Then go to settings > general > keyboard > text replacement on your device. Then you click the + to add a new shortcut. Paste your tags onto the phrase section and then add a word that you don't use often, but will remember when you need your tags into your shortcut section. Then just type in that word and select the tags when predictive text starts showing them! It's so freaking easy and it saves so much time when you are posting! I use this shortcut all the time now and I love it!

There are honestly so many forms of marketing out there for us small business owners, but using the right hashtags on Instagram is definitely an important one to keep up with! It can take you from not having ANY likes or views to suddenly having dozens to hundreds of people miraculously view your content, and it doesn't have to be overwhelming!

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