Why I Use Google Drive For My Business

Do yo remember me mentioning that, as I work on organizing/streamlining my business, I would try to share what I am doing and how I am doing it?

I have been using Google Drive for quite some time now. We are talking years! I mean, it's cheap, or even free online storage for all of my design files right?!? I just viewed it as an online backup of sorts. 

It wasn't until I got a newsletter from Lauren at Elle and Company and read this post that I realized that I was using it all wrong!!! When I saw the way that she color coordinated her folders and that Google Drive could be used for so much more than just saving files, it was like my world was changed.  

Why I Use Google Drive | Tiffany Kuehl Designs

I left her website so INSPIRED! Since reading her post I have been doing some thinking and some major purging! If it isn't beneficial to my business, or a file that I need to keep for a client, it's gone! I have gone in and paired everything down into pretty color coordinated files, and I have cleaned EVERYTHING up. I am seriously in love with my system now.

Google Drive | Tiffany Kuehl Designs

I have been using drive to take notes, make goals, and even draft up my new blog posts. With doing this I am able to easily share the link with my new editor/amazing husband and he can proofread and make changes to my post right then and there. No messy file exchanging or emails or anything!

Google Drive is definitely improving how I work with my clients. I will now be creating my client homework files and storing them on Google drive. Then I can share them with each client and see the updates as they complete their homework. It gives us one file to revise rather than a chain of emails going back and forth. Nobody has time in their day for that. I have even started creating a final files folder for my clients and sharing it with them. This way they can access these files at any time without having to ask me to send them to their inbox. This saves us both time in the long run if they want access to let's say a business logo to share prior to our completion date.

I mean, it seems like the possibilities really are endless with Google Drive and how to use it for your business! The fact that it can be used with so many apps and goes across all platforms is really just icing on the cake.

Now, I am in no way stealing Lauren's post. I totally want you to head over there and read it! My goal is simply to tell you how much reading it helped me! After all, I did just tell you that I plan to share everything that helps me with me business and be completely transparent with you! I just feel like something so small has made such a huge difference in my business already, and I hope it does with yours as well.

So tell me… Do you have a Google Drive account, and if you do are you using it in the best way possible?!?