6 Ways Dubsado Changed Our Business

If you follow along on our newsletter, you know that one of our words for the year is STREAMLINE.

This year we are working on ways to tweak our entire process so that it's easy, fun, seamless, and unforgettable! Honestly, Dubsado has been the game changer in it all! I heard about it on a podcast around the time that Emma was born, and while I was obsessed with the beautiful organization of it all, it just wasn't something that was in the plan at that time. So, in September of 2017 we looked at it once more because we were so sick of using all of these different platforms to send out invoices, get contracts digitally signed, send questionnaires, etc. So, we took another look at Dubsado and decided to start the free trial just to see what we thought. 


Not only did it do those things, but it does so much more! Today, I want to tell you my favorite things about Dubsado and why it's ABSOLUTELY something you need for your business! If you hang around until the end I even have an exclusive discount code for you!  


6 Ways Dubsado Changed Our Business | Canned Emails | Tiffany Kuehl Designs

You know those emails that you literally send to every single client? You can go into your account and create all of the email templates that you could possibly ever need. And the beauty of it is that you can put in smart fields like hello (client name)! And it will automatically fill it out for you so that it's still so personal! The hardest part of this is knowing what emails you want and taking the time to do them. I honestly write them out in notes when I have free time, and then I paste them in on my admin day when I am working on my business.  

6 Ways Dubsado Changed Our Business | Templates | Tiffany Kuehl Designs


They have templates!!!! The most amazing thing to me is that they had free templates for different professions that you can save and add to your library. These templates include things like proposals, contracts, intake forms, etc. If you like their examples you just save it, add your branding, and tweak the forms so that they truly work for you. How freaking amazing is it that the starting point is already right there for you. I have proposals, questionnaires, contracts, and many other things created and just saved as templates that I can use anytime. And they are all beautifully branded for my business.  

6 Ways Dubsado Changed Our Business | Workflows | Tiffany Kuehl Designs


There is a reason that I mentioned the emails and the templates before the workflow. Honestly, it's because you have to have all of that set up before you can really set up a workflow. But, what is a workflow in Dubsado

Lets say someone fills out a contact form on your website. As long as this form is set up in Dubsado that form can trigger a series of emails that get your client intake going without you having to do anything! Another workflow that I love is that I can set up a proposal, an approval of the proposal creates the contract, then signing the contract sets up the invoice. Then when the invoice is paid I can have it automatically create the job and send the client their next steps. All of this is done with minimal work, beyond the initial setup, using workflows. Life changing right??? 

6 Ways Dubsado ChangedOur Business | Client Portals | Tiffany Kuehl Designs


Now this one might honestly be my favorite thing about Dubsado! Previously I was kind of using Google Drive as a makeshift client portal, and while this was still super helpful in my business, there were many times in which the client was kind of lost on how to do things. Now when we create a job for the client, I also activate a client portal. Dubsado sends them a link to give them their access info, and a link to their portal. Then they have this beautiful customizable space where they can see all interactions between you. They can see the invoices and pay them when they are ready. They can see your to-do list so they know where you are in the project at all times, and you can even leave notes for them. Plus they have access to all of the files that you need them to see or fill out! I mean, this feature is AMAZING! I love playing with it and seeing how I can make it even better for each client! 

6 Ways Dubsado Changed Our Business | Payment Plans | Tiffany Kuehl Designs


I mentioned this briefly in the last section.  But you can easily set up payment plans for projects!!! They can pay it before the due date, but you can set it up so that it sends then reminders when each payment is due without you ever having to lift a finger beyond the initial setup. You can also set up reoccurring payments! When you are hired on a monthly retainer, this feature is the best. Coming from PayPal I love this!!! 

6 Ways Dubsado Changed Our Business | Dubsado Community - Always Improving | Tiffany Kuehl Designs


When you sign up you get access to a Facebook group, and you are always able to start a chat on the website. You can ask questions any time they come up and either an employee or a user will help! And they take what you have to say SERIOUSLY! They are always working to develop it more and make it a better experience for you and your clients! Just in the couple of short months that we have been using it, I have seen some pretty huge improvements that just make me even happier about using them.  

So tell me the truth... Are you thinking about signing up with Dubsado?? In my opinion, it is truly the best CRM that I have seen, and I'm pretty obsessed! And don't worry, I didn't forget! I promised you a coupon code. Dubsado is giving all of my readers 20% off of their first month or year!  Simply use the coupon code: TKDesigns, click any of the links in this post, or click the button below!  

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