Do You Have A Business Bestie???

What is a business bestie?

How many of you have that friend in your life who you call or text when you need to talk because you know that you can tell them anything? You ask them for opinions on clothing, hair, or whatever you want an HONEST opinion on because you know they will be real and tell you that the dress you love really makes you look like poop on a stick? You know who I'm talking about right? That friend who isn't afraid to hurt your feelings and won't walk on eggshells around you because they know that you NEED to hear the truth…

Do You Have A Business Bestie??? | Tiffany Kuehl Designs

What if I told you that as an entrepreneur you NEED this friend in your life. You need someone who you can bounce ideas off of and hear whether or not they genuinely have the potential to do great things, not someone to just tell you that your “amazing idea” will make a million bucks when in reality they can't see it going anywhere. You need someone to give you honest feedback and constructive criticism when you need it most, but you also have to be able to take it and do the same thing for them when they need it.

A business bestie is a great tool to have in your business and can help you grow in more ways that you could ever imagine. I am so lucky to technically have two of these in my life. My husband is so good at being honest and genuine with me about all of this, and then I have a client turned good friend who I have known for years, and she isn't afraid to tell me what's real!

Now, I know what you are thinking…

Great, now where the heck am I supposed to find that! I don't know anyone! And honestly, there is not just one answer to that question. I do have a few suggestions though, and they all involve being social and putting yourself out there!

Look at your life! - Do you already have that friend in your life that you could go to for this? Your spouse or significant other is amazing for this, but it helps to have one other person as well! Is your best friend someone you can go to for business advice? If so why not?!? They are your best friend after all!

Put yourself out there! - As an online business owner, you already know that you really have to put your shit out there! I mean you can't just put a website up and expect people to flock to it! So you need to have a Facebook, an Instagram, possibly a YouTube, and a Pinterest account. This is just to get your product noticed. Now when I do these accounts I tend to also look for like-minded business owners. Look for people who you like their accounts or their style. Then take the bold move and try to connect with them! It's so simple but can seem so scary. But in all honestly, the worst thing that can happen is an unanswered email. So be bold and make that leap! Maybe you will come out of it with a new friend who you can bounce ideas off of or possibly go to for advice when you feel like you're stuck in a situation and you need help! Facebook groups and Instagram accounts are an amazing place to find these people! You just have to look.

Consider A Membership or Mastermind - I'm not going to lie to you, this is a step that sounds amazing, but it is not something that I have personally done. The benefits seem amazing though. For the entrepreneurial field, there are so many options out there for mastermind groups or memberships where you do bounce ideas off of one another, get advice/opinions, and do business building exercises. There are many options out there, and where you look really depends on your professional field. But it is an option to consider. Typically they are monthly fees but could be a great investment.

There are really so many places that you can find business friends and the benefits of putting yourself out there and building a community around your business are endless! So what the heck are you waiting for! PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE!