Running Your Own Business At Home With 2 Kids

Having your own business is HARD.

Having two kids is HARD.

The question that I see online ALL THE TIME is “how do you balance running a business and having kids? “. 

If you are reading this then my guess is that you are struggling to find your balance and you are genuinely hoping that someone else has a tip or a guide that will just miraculously tell you how to do this and keep your shit together.  


Want to know my secret?   

There is no secret! Yup, you heard it here. There is no secret guide to running a business and having two kids at home. That shit is hard, plain and simple. Once you accept that, it does get better. You are doing two of the most wonderful and fulfilling things with your life that you could possibly do, by raising tiny humans and working/living on your own terms. Why in the world would you think that would be EASY? Nothing worth having is ever that easy! You should know this by now. 

Knowing this though, I do have some advice. This is what I tell every single person who asks me how I do it.  

Give Yourself Grace  -  You are wearing many hats at once. If you are anything like us, your day is controlled by that little human more than you would like to admit! Give yourself grace and know that there are only 24 hours in a day and you can not do it all! Keeping that in mind, we can talk about the next tip. 

Find What Works For You  - Knowing that you can not do it all, you need to find what works for you! Figure out what the heck helps you keep your productivity up! For example, most of my content is planned out and written when I am baby trapped at nap time with Emma. She takes two naps a day,so that's roughly 1-2 hours that I can lay there and write in the app on my phone. But here's the thing... What works for me, may not work for you. So really you just need to find out what it is that helps you keep that productivity up? 

Batch It Baby!   - I know that I have talked about this before, and honestly I believe that I may have done a post similar to this in 2017. As we grow, and my kids grow, I find that my answers change. One answer that will now change is that it is always helpful to work in batches! For example, if you are doing Instagram posts, go ahead and schedule them out for the next week or so. Write a few posts at a time if you can, and make images for multiple posts at one time. If you do this you can spend one day (I call this an Admin Day) and you can have your content set up and scheduled for weeks in one or two days! 

You Do You! - This may be the hardest thing to do. In the world of social media, we see all of these amazing people who are in the same field as us, and you ALWAYS play the comparison game. This is the worst game that you can play in any business. You can follow people in the same field who inspire you, but do not think that you need to do things the way that they do. Do things your own way, and it will set you apart in the best way! We all fall prey to comparison-itis! But you don't want to be like everyone else. If your like everyone else, why would someone hire you? Also, if you follow someone and their content makes you doubt yourself, stop following them! Keep your feeds full with images and posts that promote nothing but positivity and creativity. 

Build In Extra Time & Know When To Just STOP  - This is a two parter, and here is why. There are going to be days where you are so ready to work and get all of your stuff done! But guess what, you are going to have a little person nearby who has other plans. They are going to want you to just hold them and watch Dinosaur Train ALL DAY! Then they are just going to want to sit in your lap at your desk and then try to destroy everything. But, here is the thing, they are your babies and they do come first. So just be okay with the fact that you are done for a little while, or maybe even the day. It's because of this, I suggest you add a few extra days into your timeline when your kids are young. Because there will be days where you won't even be able to dream about getting on your computer (it sucks). 

 CLEAN UP & GET DRESSED - I know how easy it is to just get so caught up in the balancing game of work and family, then you look down and realize you haven't showered in a couple of days! Clean yourself up, and get dresses every day! I'm not saying you have to put on business attire, because let's face it we are staying at home... But throw on some clean clothes that make you feel good! Some days that might be yoga pants and a shirt, but others it could be a little nicer. If you feel good and look better, you tend to work better! 

THE TO-DO LIST - You know how you sometimes have a "to-do" list going for everything? No? Wait, that's just me??? Oh well! Hahaha! My advice remains the same... At the end if each day, figure out what your TOP 3-5 ITEMS that you need to do the next day are. Write these down and use it as your to-do list the next day. When you are able to work focus on those items. If you complete them, then consider your day a success! But, before your day is over, don't forget to write those top to-do items out for the next day! Having it already done when you start working saves time and allows you to concentrate from the get go! 

Honestly I could go on an on with tips to help you run a business when you work with kids at home. Maybe I will do more posts for just that! Today's post is one where I really just want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and this shit is hard, but it can be done! 

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