Brand Discovery Is Always Necessary

I was talking to a client recently during a strategy session and she was telling me a little bit about her business. I was asking her a few brand discovery questions, at some point she told me that she paid a decent amount for a logo that she had and hated, but just couldn't afford to get anything else made. She then stated that the designer never asked her any of the questions that I do while just getting to know a client, and, she never knew what she wanted or needed in her logo before creating one for her. 

Brand Discovery Is Always Necessary Before You Design | Tiffany Kuehl Designs

You guys... 

I was honestly so upset for her! This is really just not okay. I wasn’t even planning to do branding for her at the time, and was just getting to know her so that we could create a moodboard!

Brand discovery is THE MOST IMPORTANT step of your branding process. Before you can build any of your branding elements, you need to have the answers to certain questions. You need to know the Who, What, How, and Why!!! Without this you might as well be standing in an empty, dark room, trying to sell your product. If you don't know who you are marketing to, how you can help them, what sets you apart, and why you are doing this, then you CAN NOT build a brand that will last. Any good designer will ask you some (or all) of these questions before even starting on your design. I like to ask then before we even book the project.

So I'm begging you... Before you book a designer or buy a pre-made design, do your homework. Your business, and your wallet will thank you in the end. Otherwise you will find yourself rebranding over and over and over, and you will be struggling to really make traction and have that brand identity that you truly need.


My last piece of advice today is to do your research on your designer, especially if you go with custom made branding. Check out their portfolio to make sure you love their body of work. Check out their testimonial page to see what the past clients say. TALK TO THE DESIGNER to make sure you connect on a personal level. Your brand is a very personal thing. It's like your baby, and you are trusting someone else to take care of and nurture it! Make sure you like them, and that the have the same vision as you. Video calls are amazing and truly help with this. It is more personal, genuine, and organic than just texting or email. I personally do this before booking each and every client! You don't want to feel like you made a mistake and are losing money, because, most designers have a no refund policy in their contract.

So, I wholeheartedly recommend, before you do anything else, do your research!

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