4 Most Important Questions In Your Brand Discovery (AND A FREEBIE!)

With any new brand, there is a point where you need to do a little soul searching. As I start over with how I am running my business, I felt it was a good idea to ask myself the 4 most important questions that can be asked about any brand.

$ Most Important Questions In Your Brand Discovery (plus a FREEBIE!!!) | Tiffany Kuehl Designs

Who Are You?

Really, who the heck are you? Are you single, married, in college, a parent, a world traveler, a full time teacher, a fitness junkie, or even an astronaut? In this section I want you to really dig deep and really just tell me who YOU are as a person. What are your dreams, your hobbies, or your favorite things? What makes you tick?!?



What do you have to offer?

Now that I know a little bit about you as an individual, tell me about your business. What do you have to offer me that you want me to look at, purchase, or even hire you to do? Why should I choose you over anyone else? What is special or different about your service that would entice me to not keep looking? Tell me all about what makes your business unique.



Who is your dream client

Now I know who you are, and what your doing, but who are you ideally wanting to do this for? When you created of your product or service, who did you have in mind?

This is where you really have to think about what your ideal client is like? Visualize a person in your mind when you answer this question. What do they look like? What do they do? Where do they shop? Where do they hang out? Are they trendy go-getters, or laid back introverts who still kick butt? Ask yourself every single question that you can think to ask yourself about your dream client and answer them as you go. When you have your ideal client figured out in detail, that is who you will gear your business towards. Make your product or set up your service as if you were just creating it for them. This will draw that type of client towards you with the right marketing.



Why do you do this?

Now that the first three questions are answered, I have another one that goes a little more personal. Why are you doing this? Don't say to make money… Because HELLO, that's what we are all here for! But that is not WHY you chose to do this. When you thought about starting this little adventure of yours, what motivated you to do it. What kicks your butt in gear every time you start to hit a slump and need motivation to just keep going? What drives you?!? That is what I really want to know with this final question.

So whether you are starting a new business, reviewing how you run your business, or really just starting over like me, I recommend you think about these questions. Sit down for a little bit and write your answers out. I'll even make it easy for you and include a free printable for you to use. Simply subscribe to my newsletter below and it will be sent right to your inbox to print and use as you please.

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I honestly just sat down and answered these questions myself. I might even share my answers with you in the newsletter. I know it won't necessarily be easy to answer them all, but it will really give you a more clear vision for your business, and that will help you so much when it comes to coming up with your perfect brand.

What do you think? Which is the most important question about you/your brand? Or do you have any others that you think are more important? If so list them on the comments! I would love to know what sticks out to you?

Why I Went Into Business With My Husband

Do you ever see quotes that speak to you when you read them? I recently ran across this one, and I really love it. Of course I have heard it before, but at this point in my life, and in my business, it is just kind of perfect.


"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."
- Helen Keller



Why is this particular quote so perfect for me right now?

Well, it is because Tiffany Kuehl Designs is no longer a one woman show!

Why I Went Into Business With My Husband | Tiffany Kuehl Designs

My amazing husband has always told me to just let him know if there is anything that he can do to help me. In the past I have always thanked him and just kept working as much as I could, and as hard as I could because I honestly didn't know how to tell him he could help me. I felt like I was always working so hard, and I was still getting new clients, but my business was really going nowhere. It honestly took all I had to just do the design work, especially over the last year. Forget promoting my business, sharing my work once it was completed, coming up with content, or even really thinking about what it would take to grow my business!

That has all changed this year! Now Tiffany Kuehl Designs is something that I can happily say my husband and I are working on building together! We have always been a team in everything that we do, and it has always been our dream to run a business together from home. There is just no better time than now to really start working towards that goal!

I have always found it impossible to design for my clients and still come up with quality content and put all of the work into the posts that I feel is required to make them worth publishing. Now we have worked out a system where I come up with the post ideas and write them out. Then I share this post with him using Google Drive. Once he has proofread it, edited it, and let me know what he thinks about it, I will apply designed images and we schedule it to be posted. This has been a fun process so far, and I like getting his feedback. I even think he may start writing some posts of his own once we get the hang of it and he has post ideas come to mind!

For now, I am the only Designer for our business, and he is the Content Manager/Editor/photographer. But I honestly don't see it remaining this way forever. Our goal is to get it so that, one day, he is taking on his own design projects and we are working side by side in every aspect as we grow together as a couple and as a business.

I truly love working with my husband in our everyday lives, and I love that we are working towards our goal of running our business from home full time together. I know that for some people, spending all of your time together would drive them crazy, but it just works for us. We love it, and doing business this way has honestly left me feeling so inspired. 

Why I Use Google Drive For My Business

Do yo remember me mentioning that, as I work on organizing/streamlining my business, I would try to share what I am doing and how I am doing it?

I have been using Google Drive for quite some time now. We are talking years! I mean, it's cheap, or even free online storage for all of my design files right?!? I just viewed it as an online backup of sorts. 

It wasn't until I got a newsletter from Lauren at Elle and Company and read this post that I realized that I was using it all wrong!!! When I saw the way that she color coordinated her folders and that Google Drive could be used for so much more than just saving files, it was like my world was changed.  

Why I Use Google Drive | Tiffany Kuehl Designs

I left her website so INSPIRED! Since reading her post I have been doing some thinking and some major purging! If it isn't beneficial to my business, or a file that I need to keep for a client, it's gone! I have gone in and paired everything down into pretty color coordinated files, and I have cleaned EVERYTHING up. I am seriously in love with my system now.

Google Drive | Tiffany Kuehl Designs

I have been using drive to take notes, make goals, and even draft up my new blog posts. With doing this I am able to easily share the link with my new editor/amazing husband and he can proofread and make changes to my post right then and there. No messy file exchanging or emails or anything!

Google Drive is definitely improving how I work with my clients. I will now be creating my client homework files and storing them on Google drive. Then I can share them with each client and see the updates as they complete their homework. It gives us one file to revise rather than a chain of emails going back and forth. Nobody has time in their day for that. I have even started creating a final files folder for my clients and sharing it with them. This way they can access these files at any time without having to ask me to send them to their inbox. This saves us both time in the long run if they want access to let's say a business logo to share prior to our completion date.

I mean, it seems like the possibilities really are endless with Google Drive and how to use it for your business! The fact that it can be used with so many apps and goes across all platforms is really just icing on the cake.

Now, I am in no way stealing Lauren's post. I totally want you to head over there and read it! My goal is simply to tell you how much reading it helped me! After all, I did just tell you that I plan to share everything that helps me with me business and be completely transparent with you! I just feel like something so small has made such a huge difference in my business already, and I hope it does with yours as well.

So tell me… Do you have a Google Drive account, and if you do are you using it in the best way possible?!?