Splish Splash

With it being summer, we all know how hot it can be outside. Granted it hasn't been nearly as hot here as it could be, it has still been pretty darn hot at times. 

When you think of trying to cool off on a hot summer day one of the first things you think of is water right? Well, have I ever mentioned to you that Sydney is a little timid when it comes to water?

splashing water

Last summer she absolutely hated it after falling in the lake. She was with us and we were watching her, so she was safe. But it still scared the crap out of her. As the summer went she got a little better at being around the water, as long as she had friends to play with.

This summer we have been around water quite a bit. We LOVE going out on the boat with our friends. There is nothing like relaxing out there while getting to watch Sydney play and have a blast with her friends! She has been getting in the water way more and running around playing without a care in the world. There are even times where she will take off her puddle jumper or life vest and just run around the shallow lake to play. Those are some of those moments I'll always love just sitting back and watching her. The first time that she did it this summer I just about started jumping up and down! 

But there is just one little thing... This kid may love water now, but she HATES getting splashed!!! I mean she will freak out like you would not believe. 

Since she has done so well on the boat this summer we thought we would take her to a water park for a couple of days to splash around and have some fun. We had free 2 day passes, so why not right?? We get there and the first thing we do is the lazy river. She was fine with that. Then we went down a water slide and, even though she freaked out a little during it, she loved it once it was over. Next up comes the wave pool! The waves weren't going when we got there, so it was more like a concrete beach. She had absolutely no problems with it and we got her to swim out a little bit. She was actually having fun! Then the waves started... She wasn't so happy so Grandma took her back to the really shallow area so that Chris and I could play out there for a bit. After that we started walking around and found one of the kiddie area. At first she LOVED it. But have you ever seen those big buckets up top that slowly fill up while your playing, then about every five minutes they dump all over you??? She didn't know it was going to happen and it scared the crap out of her. We stayed for a while and she did have fun on Day 1, but there were parts she wasn't really a fan of.  The next day Chris and I pack everything up and had a plan just to go, let her play in the kiddie pool (the one without the bucket) and relax. We even brought food for a picnic lunch. Let's just say day 2 didn't go so well. We were in and out of there in an hour and ended up eating lunch at home.

We now know that she isn't a fan of water parks right now. Maybe next year right??? That's okay though. She does love water and there are plenty of other ways to let her play in it and have fun!

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