Oh my gosh! I can not believe that it has really been a month since I have posted! I feel like I have SO MUCH to talk about and catch you up on! I will take it slow though, and start with what I know your all waiting for... A kindergarten update!!! 


Sydney's first day of kindergarten was on August 6th. Chris stayed home a little longer with me, and we both took her to school on her first day of school. We were all a bit nervous, but when I picked her up, she was in a great mood! I was sitting at the house all day barely even able to concentrate because it was just too quiet, and she was having a blast!

Now that we are a month in, I can officially say that SHE LOVES SCHOOL! I am so happy about this! We are doing the parent drop off and pick up route every day, and I am so glad that we chose that option! She wakes up every day excited to go to school, and comes home every day in a great mood, even if she is a little hungry! lol. She has learned so much in the last month. She has been studying her site words every single, and is starting to learn to read. Her hand writing has even started improving. I can't get over the differences that she is already showing.

In all honesty, I can't believe that my little girl is really a kindergartener already. Next thing you know she will be six! Someone hold me please! My mama heart just isn't ready!  

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