Back To Wisconsin

So almost two weeks after Sydney started school, we had another rather exciting thing happen! 


We had a very important reason to make this trip, which I will tell you all about on Monday morning. However, since we were making a trip to Wisconsin, we made the most of it!!! We had something scheduled every single day from the day that we got there, until the day that we left, and we were only there for 5 days. 

We left our house after an early dinner on Wednesday night and drove through the night. We are becoming pros at this LONG drive. Getting to Grandma's house early Thursday morning, we did a little visiting and then it was time for Chris and I to get some rest. We were exhausted!!! After napping for 3 hours, we were awake and did some more visiting. I tell you, it was an exciting day!!! lol. 

Friday morning we got up and were all ready to have some fun. We had another busy day planned. We were going to go to our favorite library and see some of our friends from our old town. Sydney was beyond excited!!! When Hannah and Gwenn saw Sydney walking up, they ran to the door, and I will never forget the way they squealed and hugged eachother when they finally were together again. It was so freaking cute!!! 


They had a blast!!! We may have had to tell them to use indoor voices and stop running several times, but can you really blame them? They missed eachother!!! lol. At one point I walked around the corner to see them all sitting on the floor together just lounging and talking. It was like a preview to her teenage years! While we were there a special visitor from Sydney and Gwenn's old school stopped by briefly to say hello.


We loved getting to see Mrs. Olson (her old preschool teacher) for a little while, and she brought me Sydney's yearbook from last year. I was happy to get that because when I saw the other parents getting them in Facebook after we moved I got a little sad. We ended up staying at the library for a couple of hours, and then it was time for a family lunch date and some birthday shopping with my mother in law. She knew she wouldn't be coming down for Sydney's birthday or mine, so she wanted to take us shopping while we were up there. Let me just say that she definitely spoiled my little girl!!! After this we rested until it was time to meet some family for dinner. At this dinner Sydney finally crashed from her cold and our trip, and she slept on me for almost an hour. This kid never does that in public! lol. While I was having to be extremely careful eating my salad so I didn't get dressing in her hair, I loved every moment of it.

Saturday morning was a day we were all excited about. We were going to see our besties!!! Sydney was more than excited when we got there. Once we walked in their door, Sydney was gone! We only saw her when she was hungry for a snack, and when she wanted something to drink. Lol. After a couple of hours we decided to head out to lunch together! 


Look at how cute the girls are together! I don't know how we are going to go several months again without seeing them! We will have to make sure we see each other a couple of times a year even with the distance. Because these girls are just too cute together, and we love their parents! If entire families could be best friends, then thats how our families are. It is never dull when we are together. It really was a great day of visiting, and it was a monumental day as far as decisions go. Chris and I made a decision that was slightly life altering, and I will go into that a little more next week. We were sad for the visit with our best friends to end, but once it did we went back to Grandma's and had a yummy dinner and some family time.  

Sunday was another long busy day, but this day deserves to be featured in a post all on it's own. Let's just say we got to spend some quality time with Great Grandma, and we loved every moment of it.  


It was an amazing getting to visit with this woman. I would love to have had her as my grandmother growing up. It's a good thing I get her as a grandparent now.  

On Monday morning we packed everything up, got back in the car, and started the REALLY LONG drive home. I don't know why, but I take a picture of Sydney sleeping every trip to and from Wisconsin. I love looking at her when she is so at peace and relaxed. She is so cute!  


Now life is back to normal, and we have already planned the next trip. Luckily we aren't the ones making it though, because we booked plane tickets for Grandma to come down over Christmas break while we were up in Wisconsin. I love being back in Georgia, and don't regret moving back for a second, but I will admit that it was nice to be back for a few days to see our loved ones that we left behind. Wisconsin is now a huge part of who I am now, and we will probably always make little trips to visit.  

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