Loving Some Pool Time

Monday mornings are a day that I reserve for me, my shop, or just anything that really needs to be done. The last couple of mondays we have been trying to go to the pool with my mom and my sister's family. Because, let's be honest, sometimes we just need to get out of the house! lol. 

swim away.jpg

My little mermaid has started to really love playing in the water! The last two times we have gotten to the pool she has begged for her puddle jumper and just ran on in. This is HUGELY different from how she was last year, and every year before that. She just loves to be in that water! 

ducky smiles.jpg
little duck.jpg

Even though she LOVES the water, it was a little cold because it wasn't as hot out, and it had rained for a few days. So I got to spend a bit of quality time with my ducky too. I got this beach towel at Sydney's baby shower, and she has used it every single year since. We love it! But I am thinking the towel may have to be retired and put away after this year. We may have to find a larger one with a bigger animal for the next few years! lol.

mommys girl.jpg

With Sydney starting school in just under a month I am loving trying to capture all of the fun little moments with her! I feel like time is flying by way too fast! Sydney and I have even talked about kidnapping Daddy so that he can go with us next time because we want more time doing fun things like this with the whole family! Pool days are the best!

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