A New Love

Although I do love my 21 Day Fix workout, I have found a new routine that I am loving just as much!  I have been having a hard time pressing play more and more, so I just stepped outside. On a whim kiddo and I just started walking one day, and I found a route that I could take which stayed right by the house and let me get a good walk in! 


Sydney and Piggy will typically walk for me for a little bit, but at some point they always start to get tired of it. At that point Sydney and I drop Piggy off at the house and we continue walking.  


While Piggy is at the house and barking her head off because she can't see us, I just start doing laps. Sydney is typically just playing with a toy she brought or balancing on the bricks. I try to keep her entertained by having her help me count laps, or saying something funny every time I pass her. lately we have even started bringing her scooter or trike with us, and I have been able to walk for an hour and get in at least 3 miles. 


I love it! Between doing this and eating healthy I have been able to actually shed some pounds. I actually really enjoy my hour of fitness and get upset when I miss it. But thanks to Hubs I have figured out that on days that it is rainy I should do the 21 Day Fix program. This came in handy last week when it rained more days than not. 

Even Sydney looked forward to going on our walks for a couple of weeks, but lately I have a hard time convincing her to go. Lol. I am curious to see how far I can walk when Sydney is in school and I don't have to argue with her to get her to go. I can't wait to see my speed and distance increase over time. Maybe one day I will even be a runner! Right now I do good to run 3 or four laps all together, so I'll stick to doing more walking.  

I am learning that this whole process of losing weight and getting fit is both a physical and mental process. It's one that I am enjoying though.