We Finally Found A New One!!!

When we moved from Wisconsin, one of the things that I was really sad about was losing our local library. Yes, you read that right! Our library in Portage was AMAZING! I am pretty sure that I have even posted about it a few times on here. 

Last Saturday we went to the library in town and it was just so disappointing... I mean they had a tiny kids section with some kids books and a table or two, but it was dark and old! I just didn't love it after being spoiled by our old library. We signed up for a library card anyways because I think it's good for her to go to the library often like she did before the move. As I am signing up for the card I am told that I was signing up for a PINES library card. You can check out and return books to any of the other pines libraries. You don't always have to return to the one you checked out from. AWESOME! This means I can explore other libraries and maybe find one we love with the same card!

On Monday morning Sydney and I got in the car to go to the library in the next town over. The library in our town is about 10 minutes away from our house, and the library in the next town over is about 16 minutes away. That's really not too bad of a difference, so it was worth a shot! We walk in and this is what we see!


The kids section to the library was amazing! It may not have been it's own library like our old one, but it takes up about half of the building and it looks so clean! I love it! The moment we got there Sydney runs to that little playhouse and just starts having fun all on her own. Then she made her way over to the computers...


She always makes her way over to the computer eventually. When she sat down there was a little girl on the computer next to hers. But while I was looking for books to check out they decided to move to the same computer and play the games together! It was so cute!


After the other little girl left, she was back in her own world. I love getting to watch her explore and learn in her own way. As ready as I am for her to start school, I am going to miss her like crazy! I am thinking that we will have to make this trip once a week after school. Letting her enjoy a library is super important, and I love that we found one I think she will actually enjoy. 

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