Weekend Recap

We only have two more weekends until our big girl starts kindergarten! But, I won't focus too much on that today. We decided to make the most of our family weekend and had lots of active fun! 


Saturday morning we went to a place in Helen called Anna Ruby Falls. It's only about a half a mile hike up to the falls, but it's a fun experience to have! We made our hike up to the top and looked at the falls for a couple of minutes, then we made the hike back down. We thought that Sydney would be a lot more excited about seeing them, but kids always have a way of showing you that not everything goes exactly as you plan. Lol. Once we got back to the bottom we had a little picnic lunch and did some more exploring. Then it was time to take our beautiful scenic drive home. Drives like that make me love Georgia even more! We even found a peanut shop on the way back and grabbed some Cajun boiled peanuts and peanut brittle. They were amazing! When we got back into town we went by the library to sign up for a card and check out a few books. I have to admit the library here has nothing on our library in Portage. Once we were home, we took it outside!  


Sydney has been obsessed with playing soccer in the front yard lately and Saturday she did just that! We played outside until dinner was ready! If you ask me, that's the perfect way to spend a Saturday! We tried to watch a movie that night and Sydney was passing out by 8:30! Like I said...PERFECT!  

Sunday was no different! We wanted to make the most of another sunny day and went to the park once everyone was up and ready! I didn't bring my phone with us this time, although I really wish I had! We let Sydney play in the playground for a bit and then we went on a nice little hike! We went to the top of the trails and back. But since I didn't bring my phone, I have no clue how far it was. Lol. Then we spent our afternoon window shopping and discovering our very eclectic taste for the house, followed by grilling out again. 

I love that I feel like we really made the most of this weekend! I think we need to try to do this every weekend from now on! Not only were we super active, but we also had lots of fun!