The Most Amazing Date

I have mentioned this in the past, but Chris and I have not really been on many dates since Sydney was born. We have gone to lunches while she's was with Grandma. But there have only been two times that we have actually gone out at night for a date since she was born. One was once she went to sleep right after moving to Wisconsin. We left her with Grandma and went to a movie. The second time was last October when we went out to eat on our anniversary. Even then, we left her with her friends for about 2 hours and then went back to get her.  

A few weeks ago, we went on another date, and I can hardly even begin to tell you how amazing this date was for us! My little came over to have a "play date" with Sydney, and Sydney was so excited that she was totally okay with us going. When Chris came home from work he had a bouquet of flowers for me, and an orchid for Sydney. My heart melted and I was absolutely giddy as we got dressed for our evening out. We ordered pizza for the two of them so that we knew that they would have everything they needed while we were out enjoying ourselves. Once it was delivered we gave kisses and said our goodbye! 

It felt amazing getting into that car knowing that Sydney would be taken care of, and we could go out and just enjoy ourselves! We decided to do our date right here in town, so that we could explore places that we haven't been able to explore when we have Sydney with us, and so we were close to home if we were needed.

Our first stop was the Back Porch Oyster Bar.  I have heard about it for years, and have always wanted to try it. We walked in expecting this fancy smancy restaurant, but it was super laid back and relaxed! I had never had oysters before, and I was more than a little nervous to try them. We ordered a dozen of them, and they were so delicious that I had really wished that we could order several dozen more! Lol.


After devouring some of the most amazing oysters ever, we shared a meal of Banana Leaf wrapped Hawiian Snapper, yummy Rice, and the most delicious Green Beans I have ever had. By the time we took that last bite, we were so glad that we shared! We were delightfully full, but we wouldn't be embarking on the next phase of our date in a food coma. 

After we left the Oyster Bar we walked right down the street to do a little wine tasting. We were able to sample five local wines for only seven dollars! Am I wrong in thinking that is pretty darn cheap?!? I tried five different fruity white whines, and my hubby tried a few reds. It was fun, and in the end we did actually bring a bottle home with us. 

Am I the only only who drinks a little and then chocolate sounds amazing? Lucky for me, there was J Thomas Chocolatier right down the street! We literally went in and got one of every single truffle that they have, a chocolate pop for Sydney, and a couple of chocolate covered strawberries for my lovely sister/babysitter. All this, and we only spent like $20!  

At this point, we had already accomplished everything that we really wanted to do on our date, but as we were walking to put our wine and chocolates in the car we realized we weren't quite ready to go home yet. I mean it was only 8:30! So we dropped our stuff off and just started walking. We stopped at a local pizzeria that we like and sat at the bar. They had a live band called Kate and Corey playing music, and the atmosphere was just great! So we each had a couple of drinks and shared an appetizer that we didn't really need. It was so fun! The only thing that we didn't like was that they apparently charge you a $6 cover fee when they have a band playing, without telling you, and just add it to your tab. That annoyed us a little bit, but definitely didn't ruin our night.  

During the music I was talking to Chris and telling him that nothing makes me happier than being a parent. I mean I seriously love my little girl to death! BUT it was really nice to go out and do something just for us as a couple. It was nice knowing that we could just enjoy ourselves knowing that she could do the same. It felt so good to feel young and alive sitting there with the man that I love more than anything, And being able to just focus on him and that moment.  

Then around 9:30 we get a phone call from a tear filled little girl begging us to come home. She was really tired, but didn't want to go to bed without hugs and kisses from Mommy and Daddy! Luckily we were only about 8 minutes away, so we settled our tab and came home. Some of you may think we should have stayed out, but is was a big deal for her, and I wasn't pushing it too far so that she doesn't want us going out again. Plus we already had a pretty spectacular date already! I could not have asked for a better evening. It was truly amazing! There will be many many more in our near future.