Let's Go Fishing

Sydney has been fishing once before, but for some reason has stated several times that she wants to go fishing this year. So when Tukka and Emery invited us over to go fishing on the Saturday before Easter, we jumped at the chance. Before we went down to the dock Emery and Chris spent a good amount of time kind of showing her what to do.  It was so cute to watch! At one point she even caught a motorcycle trailer!

Then once we got down to the dock, and the water, she was all smiles! She would throw the line out, and then reel it in right after hoping for the mega fish to be on her hook. She hasn't quite grasped the concept of time and patience with fishing. Lol! I am sure she will learn to understand it in the future. 


She may not have actually caught anything, but she looked pretty freaking cute trying to! I see a fishing pole of her very own in the near future! I was never someone who liked fishing growing up, but I just might grow to like it for her.  

When the fishing was over, Chris pulled out the camera and just started capturing a few images. I love when he takes pictures because he always manages to capture something that I just fall in love with!  


I mean, look at that kissy face! How stinking cute is that?!? I know that I am kind of partial, but my kiddo is ADORABLE!

Once we were done fishing Emery put Sydney to work on the worm farm! 


Yup, you read that right! They have a worm farm! Can you tell that they really love to fish?!? She loved it though! Being in charge of the hose was like heaven to her! She watered and he moved everything around in the farm. The part that killed me is that this worm farm is in a CLAW FOOT TUB in the ground! Nicole Curtis would kick his ass if she saw that! Haha!  

After the child labor we went in to eat a homemade barbecue chicken pizza and color eggs. It was a late, but great night by the time was all said and done. But we loved it, and made sure to go to sleep right when we got home since the next morning was Easter!  

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