Tukka Time

The last couple of Saturday's have become days that we tend to see my little sister "Tukka".

A couple of weekends ago we asked her if she would maybe want to go and grab a bite to eat, explore our home town together, and then maybe come over for dinner. We were pretty excited when she said that she would love to! Then the night before she asked if Emery, her boyfriend-who we had only met once or twice before in the three years they have been together, could come. We told her that as long as he was good with our plans, he was absolutely welcome! Our main concern was that him coming, may take Tukka's attention and Sydney wouldn't have as much fun.  

sydney and emery.jpg

I don't think that was something that we needed to worry about though! This picture was taken while we were waiting for a table at Shenanigans! Lol. So if anything, Emery made the day even more fun for Sydney! We waited for a little while to get a table, but we passed the time very easily by goofing off and taking pictures. 

tiki, tukka, and sydney.jpg

I definitely have a goofy family, but that's something that I love about them! I wouldn't have it any other way! It's things like this that make 30 to 40 minute waits at a restaurant not so bad!  


Once we ate our lunch we went off exploring! It is so nice to walk around town and see how much it has changed in the years that we have been gone. But then there are some things that never change. For example, we have The Glass Blowing Shop in town. I have ALWAYS loved going into this store. Sydney has a little butterfly that I got there when I was in middle school. We go in there that Saturday and the same man that sold me that butterfly is still there and as silly as ever. Granted, he looks older, and has a little less hair, but it was so cool to see that he was still there and loving his job! After the Glass Blowing Shop we visited the General Store, and Sydney walked out with exactly what I thought she would get there! 

sydney's rock candy.jpg

That rock candy let us walk through the many more stores that we wanted to see. there was one that has candles and many other little southern things. I loved it, but the men couldn't stay in for long because of all of the scents. We saw a sign and Tukka of course made me pose and take a picture. 


When we were done exploring, we went back to the house and grilled out. It truly was a great Saturday, and it made me so very happy that we did decide to move back to Georgia! It's fun to spend time with everyone individually and explore. Earlier that week we had kind of done the same thing with my mom, we met for lunch, and then went antiquing in town. Days like these make having family close by so amazing!  

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