Is it really possible that we have already registered my itty bitty baby girl for KINDERGARTEN?!?! Didn't we just have her like a year ago? 

Okay, I'm not dilusional! I do know that my baby girl is thriving, and growing every day before my eyes. It really does seem like we just took her to her first day of preschool in Wisconsin and now here we are, in a whole new state and she is registered for kindergarten. 

We registered her the Monday after our move (March 23), and you would not believe how excited she was! She picked out this overly dressy dress and shoes, and just wanted to look pretty to meet everyone at her new school. 

We get there and she is her typical self, being as cute as can be, and hamming it up at any opportunity. While we were filling out the proper paperwork, one of the kindergarten teachers took Sydney into another room to do the test to see where to place her and if she is prepared to start kindergarten. 

When they walk back towards the office, I notice that they are walking in from a different direction in which they left. The first words out of the teachers mouth were "Oh the personality on this little girl!!!" Apparently Sydney cracked her up so much that she then decided to take her to meet all of the kindergarten teachers and their classes on the way back to us! It was so sweet! She passed the test with flying colors. Apparently in her preschool they taught letters by associating each one with the name of a friend in the classrom. So when the teacher said "Can you point out the letter P?" Sydney would point to it and say " Of course I can! I have a friend who's name starts with that letter P, and that is Payton!" She did that with several other letters as well. This just made them think that she was the cutest thing! She loved Sydney so much that she gave her a little shirt that said the school name to leave with. 

kindergarten registration for Sydney

I left that school feeling like such a proud parent! She could have very easily been shy and just did what was required with as much change as she has been going through. But my little girl just let her heart shine! She made an impact and will apparently be remembered for that day! In fact we were exploring town a few days later and bumped into that same teacher that tested Sydney, and her husband. They were out walking their dog through town and stopped because they noticed Chris' Badger sweatshirt that he was wearing, and they happen to be from Wisconsin as well. I can not tell you how many people we have run into who are! Small world is all I can say. Anyways, we ran into them and she said " Oh I remember you! I tested your daughter the other week! Honey these are the parents of that little girl that I was telling you about!". Then out pops Sydney from behind me (she was walking with her Aunt Tukka and hadn't been noticed yet) and the teacher immediately called her over to show Sydney's alphabet skills off! It was so funny, and made me so proud of my little girl all over again. I know that she is smart, but to hear a teacher and her husband tell me that she is so beyond ready for kindergarten and that she is just going to thrive in their school makes me happier than you can imagine! 

Now we just have to wait for the fall and enjoy our spring/summer together as a family!

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