I know that I did my post on our Blood Mountain hike a week or so ago, but that was actually like the second or third hike that we have been on since the big move! 

The weekend after we got here, we went on a spur of the moment hike at Amicalola Falls. It was a cooler day and we didn't have any plans. Suddenly Hubs says that we should throw on some shoes and go for a drive. I knew where we were going, and had been to Amicalola a few times before, but Sydney had never been before. So we were excited to take her. 


The hike at Amicalola Falls is not your typical hike. The first third of the hike is up a stone path. Its super steep at points! Especially when you have just done leg day that morning, lol! I thought I was going to die going up that path! Then you hit that first landing, and right after that is where it gets really hard! From that point it stairs all the way to the top! Who the heck needs a stair master when this place is only a few minutes from the house! 

I would love to lie to you, and tell you that we hiked our athletic butts all the way to the top of that waterfall! But that would definitely be a big fat lie! We actually only made it about halfway up to the top! You see that landing going across the walkway? Ya.... that was our stopping point! I was still pretty freaking proud of us though! After we made the hike down we even stopped and let Sydney play at the playground for a bit. It really was a great day, and it definitely reminded us that we moved back to Georgia for so many reasons! Hikes on days like that one are just one of the many!