Easter 2015

Yes, I do realize that I am like FOUR weeks behind in the Easter post game... But I never claimed that my posts would be punctual. Lol

When I thought about moving back to Georgia, Easter was one of the first things that I thought about! Growing up, Easter was always outside! I always wore a dress and sandals, and spent the entire day outside! We would do everything from egg hunts, Easter games, cooking out, to just spending time with family! But we were always outside!  

When we moved to Wisconsin I experienced my first indoor Easter. It was just so cold outside that first year, and the year after it was snowy outside. So we hid the eggs in the house. I always just felt like someone was missing when we did it though, it was still a great day, but something was missing. So last year we said that we were going to try to fly home for Easter and spend it here. Little did we know that we would find a way to MOVE here by then. But I am so glad we did. 

Easter was such a busy day! It all started with a visit from the Easter Bunny!

Sydneys's Easter Basket

After seeing what our favorite bunny brought, we all started to clean up and get ready! We were hosting it at our house since we had plenty of room, and we were the halfway point for everyone. The plan was to start around noon, but it was after one before we were anywhere close to ready. I didn't sit down, except to eat, the entire day! And even though Chris and I were here the whole day, I missed him! We didn't get to really do anything together or talk much because we were so busy hosting, and I was running behind everyone cleaning up as the day went. OCD in action! Lol. But you know what, it was all worth it!

Why? Because Sydney had the best day! It was cooler than we would have liked, but we were able to be outside all day! She was playing hard, and running around from the moment everyone arrived.

Then came what I have been waiting three years for.... THE EGG HUNT!!


I'll be honest, we didn't get great pictures of the egg hunt, just a few that I snapped really quickly on my phone, but I couldn't care less and the reason for that is because we were part of the hunt!


We put oUt 100 eggs, and there were only two girls hunting. So whoever got the most won a little prize. Sydney got second place, but she didn't care! Lol. She had fun! 

Victoria & Sydney After Egg Hunt

We did the egg hunt later in the day kind of hoping it would be warmer. So once the hunt was over everyone kind of started getting ready to go. But before they left I made sure that we took some photos!


I really wanted to make sure that we at least got one picture with everyone in it. But my amazing husband had the idea to do it around the antiques that are out front. I am really so glad that he did, because we got some pretty freaking cute pictures. However, I'm just going to give you one to look at today! But doesn't that old fire truck just make the best prop?!

All in all it was a great Easter, and in the end we were all exhausted from a fun and full day! We are already thinking of what we can do next year for Easter since we will have more time to prepare by then.