The Move


The move is officially over and I just know that your all dying to know how it went right?!? Well, if not, I'm just going to tell you anyways! Ha!  

Let me start things off by saying that our last week before the move was BOOKED SOLID! Between Sydney's last solid week of school, story time, play dates, dinners with family, and packing we had a full week planned... Then Sydney gets super sick! I mean fever, major congestion, the shivers, and a cough. It started with just a cough and then got worse within 24 hours. So she missed her last full week of school, play dates, and more. We went to the doctor and found out it wasn't the flu, just something very very similar. We did end up spending the night at Grandma's new apartment and then had that family dinner that I mentioned, but we weren't able to really do anything else. 

Then came our final weekend before the move. We were SURROUNDED by boxes, totes, and bags. With my OCD personality, I was going insane! But we got everything packed up over the weekend, so we were doing great! Then of course Chris and I start feeling sick. This awful cough started, and just wouldn't stop! 

Monday morning rolled around and Sydney was finally feeling better!  Yay! This was also the day that we were loading up the truck to move and emptying out the house. So you bet your booty that I was sending that little girl to school! They were planning to have a little goodbye party for her, and she needed to have some fun time. Plus we needed her out of the house so that we could get the truck loaded without more of her "help". It was only two hours, but we emptied most of that house out and got so much accomplished during those two hours! Once we picked Sydney up from school, we hung out with Grandma who came over to help. We did dinner, played together, cleaned, and then said our tear-filled goodbyes. Shortly after we were all going to bed because we had to be up early in the morning to start our LONG drive from Wisconsin to Georgia. But guess what.... Neither Chris or I could sleep! I was so congested that it kept me awake all night and I maybe got two hours of sleep. That is seriously just our luck! 

By 3 am on St Patrick's Day Chris and I are awake, and we decide to go ahead and get the last minute things done and then wake up Sydney. We were loaded up and pulling out of the driveway at 3:45! We actually did REALLY GOOD on time. Even with us having to stop twice in one hour because Sydney got sick and threw up. I actually think it was motion sickness. She took 3 or 4 little 30 minute cat naps, but she was awake most of the trip!When she did finally fall asleep she was cuddled up to her toys like you wouldn't believe! It was adorable!

sleepy Sydney during the move

She did so well! I am seriously so proud of her! We had a stopping point in Tennessee where we were about 5 hours away. But it was still so early! I mean would you stop for the day at 2:45 when you know your only a few hours away? So we asked Sydney if she wanted to get a hotel for the night, or continue on and just get to the house. She chose to drive on! So that's just what we did! We got through Nashville and Chattanooga in great time! Then we stopped for dinner shortly after getting into Georgia. We were in the home stretch and needed to eat something that wasn't in a ziploc bag. So we grabbed Wendy's in Dalton and then drove the rest of the way! We got to the house at about 9:30 pm, and Sydney started to lose it during the last 30 minutes or so. But once we made it and she picked her bedroom, and all was well in the world of Sydney. Shortly after we made up our makeshift beds, and passed out! We slept great!!! Then the next day we started our unpacking and just didn't stop doing that for a few days! 

Three weeks in and we have finally returned to NORMALCY! but have no fear, I have more posts coming to catch you guys up on how life has been since we moved to Georgia! We have been experiencing alot of new things!

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