Bye Bye Membership!

After paying for a gym membership for two years, I am finally canceling my membership! Woohoo!  

Am I crazy for being excited about this? Nope! Because I have a game plan my friend. I have been paying for a membership that I have not been using. I would go for a little bit, but then I would stop going for months at a time. I was wasting money. NO MORE!  

How many of you have heard of Beachbody? Lately a majority of my blog/branding clients are Beachbody reps. So my facebook had been plagued with success stories using various beachbody programs and drinking shakeology. I have wanted to try both of these things for a long time, but I am not going to become a coach just to get the discount, and I am cheap enough that I just couldn't justify spending the money on the programs plus the shakes. Then I suddenly had a stroke of genius! Yup, you read that right.... G-E-N-I-U-S! I traded design services for the items I wanted! I now have a months worth of vanilla shakeology and am armed with fun shake recipes to try out! I have tried the free samples I got and love the shakes!


The program that I picked is the 21 Day Fix. I can not tell you how excited I am to get this in the mail! I won't be able to start until we move, because my playstation/dvd player is packed. But that doesn't change my excitement any! 

So my game plan is to do the 21 day fix, drink shakeology for breakfast, eat healthier using the portion bowls that come with the program, and go out for our daily physical activities as a family. Oh the hiking we will do! I will also document any any all progress as I go because I do better when I do it publicly.  

Have you ever used Beachbody programs? If so, which are your favorites? Anyone want to do the program at the same time as me??? 

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