One Last Play Date

We have made so many friends since we have moved here. This October one our good friends moved away, but only a couple of hours from here. When i told Doris that we were moving back to Georgia she said that we would have to have one last play date for the girls before we go.  

We decided to meet at the library and it was definitely a little crazy! Lol. The kids played together off and on, and we adults got to do a little visiting as well. It didn't go anything like I thought it would go, but we still had a pretty good time. All of the kids were disappointed that there was no story time, so I ended up reading 6 different books to three kids sitting around me. 

As our time at the library came to a close we figured we should try to get at least one picture of us all. 


Believe it or not we are missing one kid in this picture. Gwen just didn't feel like posing with us. Lol. After this picture we attempted to get one of just the kids. Let's just say that didn't go so well.  


They ended up on the ground, and Sydney bumped her head on the books. She was ready to go after that. Luckily she will get to see most of those friends again at least a few more times before we move. But we did officially say goodbye to Doris and the gang. I am so excited to move, but saying goodbye to our friends is definitely hard.  

Tiffany KuehlComment