Mixed Tapes/CD's

We've all had them right?  

I remember when Hubs and I first started dating, he made me three different CD's at different times. They lived in my car and were played on repeat non stop. Eventually something happened, and my CDs were lost forever. I will not lie, I did cry a little bit about this! I thought they were so sweet, and each song was hand picked just for me. It was seriously one of the sweetest things that had ever been made for me. I'll always love that he did it.  

In a way he still does it every day for me. Oh the beauty of the everything being so digital!  


We share a spotify account, but we each have our own playlists. There are so many times that I sit down at my desk and hit play on my spotify playlist and a new song starts playing. Some of them are added just because he knows I will like them, and some are super sweet and he is saying something to me. Either way, it makes me love him just a little but more every time that I hit play and I see that my playlist has grown by a song or two. 

I'm not going to sugar coat it... I have the best Hubs ever! Don't be jealous! Lol. 

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