It's The Little Things

I am so excited to be co-hosting the "It's The Little Things" link-up with Jess this week! It actually happens to be an extremely appropriate title for today's post as well.

We officially move back to Georgia in 27 days! Can you believe it?!? I am getting so excited that it's redicilous! It is something that seems to consume most of my thoughts in my downtime these days. While I am constantly thinking of things that we need to prepare for the actual move, I get so excited about all of the LITTLE THINGS that we get to look forward to once we get there! 

  • going to parks all year long!
  • the amazing fresh produce stands that are everywhere
  • 5 grocery stores within a few miles of the house
  • seeing family for parties, events, and just random occasions
  • the possibility of date nights - we have literally had one since Sydney was born
  • having a proper Easter - no more indoor Easter eggs hunts because it's cold and snowy outside! 
  • LIVING ON OUR OWN AGAIN!!!! - okay thats kind of huge, but you get the point!
  • getting to decorate a house how WE want it and not feeling like a permanent visitor
  • daily walks outside all year long
  • family hikes and adventures
  • exploring our quaint little town - seeing how much it has changed 
  • seeing old friends
  • becoming a part of a community

This list could seriously just go on and on and on. There are definitely a few things that I am actually going to miss about Wisconsin. Most of those things are actually people though. We have made a few really good friends in the 3 years that we have lived here. But no matter how many friends we have made, it just isn't home. So we are sad to leave them, but excited to get to experience all the little things that make a place feel like home for us! 

What little things are making you happy this week? 

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