Winter Storm Linus

Part of me was hoping that we would get one more really good snow before we moved. Linus came through for us there!  

On Saturday night it was just starting, but not much was happening. Sunday morning we woke up to few inches of snow. Sydney is feeling so much better, so of course she wanted to go out and play in it. We needed to shovel the front anyways, so why the heck not?! 


I love that Sydney got to really go out and enjoy the snow for a little bit. Today it was so soft, and fluffy, that it was kind of perfect for her to just goof on in for a little bit while I shoveled.  


I would do just about anything to see that smile! I love that it takes something as simple as rolling around outside in the snow.  


Once the shoveling was complete there may have been a snowball or two thrown my way. I also my or may not have thrown Sydney onto piles of snow for snow angels. I'm not back to 100% health just yet, but my little girl will only be this little for so long. Let's face it, living in Georgia, she may not see another snow like this for a really long time. So let's make memories where we can, and kiss the hubs for capturing them on the camera so that we can look back on these memories for a lifetime. 

Tiffany KuehlComment