Livingroom Inspiration

Oh the wood paneling! Have I mentioned the house is covered in it?! Just kidding, I know that I have. Haha! But I am having fun planning how to make it beautiful! Since we are renting, we were figuring that we would have to just leave the panneling and work around it. But when we got here, our landlords told us that we can do whatever we want to the house because it would honestly always be an improvement. 

The plan is LIGHT & BRIGHT!  

Now that we know we can paint, we want to paint the walls an antique off white color. That way the inside has more of a cottage feel,a dn is nice and welcoming. Next up will be furniture


When we got down here we found an awesome deal on a new to us couch. Its a darker grey couch, so we will put some super fun and  colorful patterned pillows! Our main colors will be coral and turquoise, but I am sure some other pops of color will weasel their way in. I really like the look of all of these fun colors and patterns together! 

We currently have some natural (cream colored) quatrefoil patterned curtains up in the livingroom, and I love that they will go with the walls when we paint.! We will just have to make sure to add some natural colors into a pillow or two as well so that it all goes well together. 


I have already explained my obsession with wooden crates, so you know I love this! Now that we know we are  able to paint the paneling we will stain the wood. We really do have a kind of farmhouse taste so its going to be fun and eclectic. 

I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am to do this with Chris and Sydney! When Hubs and I moved in together all those years ago, he actually purchased most of the stuff for the apartment on his own. I loved everything he picked, so it worked out great, but I am excited to do this together as a family and really make it ours.

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