A Blog For Sydney


When we lived in Georgia I created a blog that was basically a day in the life of Sydney. I started it so that the family that lived up here could read it and keep up with Sydney. When we moved up here I still did a pretty good job of keeping up with it. But then I realized something... NONE of my Georgia family was reading it! Lol. You could definitely say that some of them are computer illiterate. I mean they don't even use email!!! Hahahaha! So a blog was not something they ever even thought to look at, and I eventually stopped posting to it. I have to admit that a huge part of me regrets stopping the posts, but life goes on.

When we decided to move back I remodeled the blog with a modified premade template from my shop, and started doing some catch up posts. I may not be typing for every post, but I am at least trying to have images through the year for each of the years that I neglected her site. Posting to her site will be a little different is time around. It will actually be more of a dear diary from Sydney! I am going to basically open notes on my iPad and let her say the details of her day through dictation. Then I'll read through it, make a few tweaks so it's easy to read, and post at least one picture from that day. 

Some of you out there might be thinking that this is a horrible idea, and that I shouldn't put that much of my little girls life out there for the public to see. but here is the thing. IT'S PRIVATE! In order to read her posts you have to be an approved reader. So I feel comfortable doing this. I know that this is a great way of documenting her life, and I'm actually pretty excited to do this.

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