Seeing Family

Have I ever mentioned that I haven't really seen most of my family since we moved to Wisconsin almost three years ago? 

That changed this Christmas!!!! 

On December 26th my mom, sister, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew hopped in the car and made the 16 hour drive to come and see us! They got here Frisay night and had to leave first thing Monday morning. It's wasn't a very long trip, but it meant so very much to me! 

The moment that they got out of the car we were inseparable unless we were sleeping! There may or may not have been tears when I hugged my mom (who thought she was surprising me by coming) hugged me and just didn't want to let go.  

Friday night we went out to dinner close to their hotel and then hung out at their hotel's pool for a bit. It had been a long day for everyone and we all needed rest before our weekend. We honestly didn't figure we would get to see them until Saturday morning, so the time we had on Friday was just a bonus!  

On Saturday morning they came over and we cooked breakfast for everyone. Once we were full, we took care of our celebration Christmas together.


After exchanging gifts, and we did a little shopping and then went out to lunch. After lunch we returned home for a low key afternoon of talking, games, and pizza! It was so nice just to hang out!  

On Sunday morning we all met up at a local place for breakfast, and then we went to an indoor water park! We were able to score 8 FREE passes, so we were pretty excited! We were honestly only there for a little over an hour or so, but we had so much fun in that amount of time! Do you remember last summer when I told you about our epic water park failure with Sydney? She was terrified of it all! Well, this year she loves them! She was doing any and every slide that she was big enough for! She wasn't just doing them once, but over and over and over! We were able to go to another water park a few days later with another part of our family that was visiting, and she was still the same way! So I am pretty excited, because that means this summer should be fun! After we were done playing in the water we went home and played more games. My brother in law's birthday is December 30th, so we cooked out and enjoyed a big meal together as a family before they had to return to their hotel room to rest up before their long drive home. 

When they left the house there were tears all around. Once they were out of sight my amazing husband just held me while I cried. This trip really showed me how much I missed them, and now I can tell you that one thing has been decided! It sure as hell won't be another three years before we spend time like that together again! I hate that my little sister couldn't come, but I loved seeing everyone else! It's too bad we didn't take many picture though! Lol. We realized after everyone left that we didn't get a single picture of all of us, and the few pictures we tried to get were either not good at all or scattered on devices there in Georgia now. Oh well, we have the memories right???

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