Home Sweet Home

In yesterday's post I talked about my family's trip up to Wisconsin. What I didn't mention was that when they left our house Chris and I started talking about it, and we realized that another trip is much needed. 

In the next few months we are MOVING BACK TO GEORGIA! We moved up here to be with my Mother in law a couple of years ago. But almost three years in, and we still just don't love it here. Wisconsin in great in its own way, but it just doesn't feel like home. 

Georgia is that place for us. Not only is it where I grew up, but it was where we started! It's where I met Chris, where Sydney was born, and it's where my half of our family is. Plus the weather is amazing! While I am writing this post it is -17 outside in Wisconsin and 30 in Georgia! Lol. 

We miss being able to be outside all year around. I want to go to parks and go hiking in December and January! We miss our favorite restaurants down there, and all of the little things that we love about my home town. I can't wait to go to the yearly festivals that they hold right there in the town square. I am dying to walk the square with coffee in hand while we admire the Christmas lights. I want to see how much it has changed in the few years we have been gone. I miss it all! While I wouldn't say that I regret moving to Wisconsin, I definitely think it's time to go back.  

Look out Georgia, the K family is coming home!  

Tiffany KuehlComment