Miserably Sick

Where have I been for the last week or so?  

My whole house is SICK!! It all started last Thursday when Sydney had a random cough. By Saturday she was full on SICK! 


I mean stuffy nose, cough, congestion, achy body, the works! Poor little girl. On Saturday night she was crying because her nose was hurting so badly from wiping it so much.  

Give it a couple of days and Chris and I start to cough and get runny noses. OH NO!!! It has now been over a week and Sydney is still sick, but getting better. But now I have gotten worse.  

Unfortunately, being sick also means that Sydney hasn't left the house. If your counting that means Sydney has been stuck in the house for over NINE DAYS!!! Talk about cabin fever! She isn't really complaining about being stir crazy, she is just getting grouchy! Yup, that's right folks! My daughter is being a punk! She is being rude, talking back, being super bossy, and doing things she knows she shouldn't. I do kind of get why. I mean NINE DAYS! But that doesn't make it any easier not to get mad! The last couple of nights we have actually put her to bed at seven just so that we could wind down and in hopes that more sleep will help her wake up feeling better.  

Please tell me that we are not alone! I am so ready for warmer weather and no more sickness!  

Tiffany KuehlComment