Obsessed With Crates

Now that we have been living in the house for a couple of weeks, and we are finally unpacked, my mind goes into planning mode! I have been thinking NONSTOP about what we will be doing with the inside of the house ever since I found out that we would be renting it. I mentioned before that it is a bit outdated on the inside. There is just so much wood paneling! We did find out that we are actually allowed to paint the house and do whatever updates to it that we want, so we will make it work! We just wont be able to paint immediately.

In the meantime I am focusing on making it a home for us anyways! I have ideas for every room, but for some reason one of the first rooms that I iniatially thought of before the move was Sydney's room! I want her to LOVE her room! She already has a new bed that she LOVES, And we have antique dressers that were gitfted to her as well. But, the one thing that we do not have for her is a night stand. I have been looking for ideas for some time and never really found any that I loved. I want it to be fun, cute, and still go with the age of the rest of her furniture so that it doesn't look out of place. And I do not want to spend over $100 for a night stand that a 5 year olf will be using.

Where else would I look for ideas but Pinterest right? That's when I finally saw this! 

The idea is to maybe make it white to match her dressers that we will be refinishing. Maybe even paint the outside white and the inside the same pink from her bed. But this general style would be perfect for her room because it is storage as well! Obviously we would secure the crates to one another, but that will be super easy, and this nightstand could be so cute in the end! I am so excited to have found this! But I don't think those will be the only crates used in her room. I found the nightstand after admiring this beauty.  

I love the idea of mixing and matching some of Sydney's favorite colors to make it fun! This would help with storage, color, and making her room fun! I am so excited to work on her room now that we are here and settled! 

The crate/pallet projects won't stop there though! I have found so many ideas for around the house! Here are just a few of my favorites! 

The idea of making something so pretty and useful out of crates or wooden pallets is just too cool to me! They come in so many different shapes and sizes, and can be pretty easy to find. So let's see how many crate projects we can accomplish in the next year! I think I spy a DIY page coming soon!

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