Finding A House

The process of finding a house to rent from across the country is a giant pain in the ass! 

However I thought it would be fun to document it, so here we go! I just can't post it until I am sure that I won't jinx it all. Lol

JAN 17th-  

So today I started looking for a house to rent. Keep in mind people that we have a Pitbull. Even if I don't say the breed, people don't like the idea of a larger dog. Plus we want to be in a specific town. So we are a little limited on our options. I have spent a couple of hours scouring every online source that I can think of for a place in our budget, and in our town. At one point today I was even told that we could possibly rent (a craptastic trailer) if we pay an extra $400 non-refundable pet deposit and get her nails clipped regularly. Hell to the no! That is ridiculous!  

So I then decide to send a message to all of my friends and acquaintances that still live in the area asking what the best route is to go about finding a house to rent there. After two or three people told me to look at the yard sale group for the town and post what I am wanting that is just what I did. Just a few minutes later I get a message from a woman telling me that she has a friend who may have a house, and wanted to know if I wanted her to contact them. Shortly after that I am given a name an a number of a man to call. Keep in mind that this is just a woman being kind and letting me know that a close family friend may have something.  

After I call the number I am given I start talking to the man that will now be our landlord. The house is his moms house. She recently decided that she no longer wanted to live alone in the house, and moved into a home. So the house is empty, but all of her stuff is there. He gives me the address and I look it up on google maps.


It's cute on the outside and has a large yard, but maps doesn't show the inside. Obviously it still has to be emptied out, but my super awesome brother in law will walk through it and take pictures for us. When I mentioned a dog he said that was not a big deal. Then he said that he knew I mentioned wanting something within a certain price range ( I made the minimum a pretty low number ) and he just said that he would work a price out with us that we could afford, because he would really like to just have some good tennants in there that will take care of the place! O-M-G!!! This feels like it has just fell into our laps!  

So now we are waiting for them to schedule and do a walk through! As long as the house is decent we will have something! I just really don't want to jinx it.  

JAN 21- 

That was seriously the longest five days ever! Chris and I were constantly talking to each other about the house and seeing what the other person thought before we even saw the house. The house was built in the 70's and we knew that it was going to be dated, but decided that it was not a big deal to us as long as it was in good shape. Well today we got to see pictures of the inside of the house, and guess what... We were right! It's definitely dated with boat loads of wood paneling. I mean, we are talking every wall people! But the situation is so great that we can look past that! It will take a little decorating to make it feel like home, but that's totally doable, and will definitely ask about painting. Lol. We have officially found what will be our home for the next couple of years and I am pretty darn excited! 

JAN 31- 

Over the last 10 days we have tried to do a little something for the move every day. We now have our basement emptied out, have gone through all of our clothes and donated what we aren't keeping, and have gone through and packed most of the things on Sydney's room that won't be missed. Today Chris and I went out and got kind of an idea of how we want to decorate the house and what kind of furniture we need. I am so excited to make the place feel like home, and I feel like this next month or so is going to take FOREVER! I am someone who is all for instant gratification, so to have to wait over a month to do things is killing me! 

FEB 18- 

We only have 27 days left people! Our house is a mess and we are starting to feel a little overwhelmed with everything that has to get done. I am calling the landlord in a few days so that we can set up paperwork. It is about to get down to crunch time. We have so little time left, and so very much to do! 

March 2- 

Today we signed the lease! Yay! We now have right at two weeks left until we move, and things are getting crazy! We finished moving my mother in law into her apartment today, and now we will really get going on our stuff. LETS DO THIS!

Have any of you ever gone through this? How do you look for a house to rent when you live 15 hours away?  

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