Something that Hubs and I have always loved to do is go out and take pictures. Over the years my husband has gotten really really good at taking pictures. But here is the problem... I am the one who has no idea what I am doing! 

When you have a business or a blog, you always want to have a good headshot! Any good pictures of yourself are really a good idea for your site.  

On Chris' birthday last month we needed to find something to do during that little two hour period that Sydney is in school. After a few minutes we decided that maybe it would be fun to venture out in the cold and take a few pictures!  

Chris did an amazing job but, just like with any shoot, he was having to tell me exactly how to stand and what to do! We get home and start going through the images, and something became clearly obvious to me... 

I have got to learn how to dress and pose for these shoots! I think that if I know a little more, it will be even more fun for both of us! So what else would I do, but look at Pinterest and start gathering some ideas! Lol. We are already thinking of locations to take some more pictures once we move. So now I need to try to think of clothing that will pop for these, and how I should pose to get the best picture.  


Am I the only one with this issue? I love that he gets really good pictures during these shoots, but I always feel like I am being awkward. Now I just have to learn how to pose, and dress, for these shoots! I do know that the next one will be without my sunnies! I have my sunnies on in almost all of the pictures that he has taken over the last year or so. Lol

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