Amazing Support & A Creative Meeting

There is absolutely nothing like having someone who supports you in doing something that you love! I have a few people who are always in my corner! 

First and foremost there is Chris! He is my rock and is always there when I need him in every aspect! If it wasn't for his encouragement I wouldn't even be doing what I am today! Together we have big plans for our business, and I can't wait until we are able to go through with them! 

Then there is the Poss gang! My sister and her husband are true supporters in all that I do and they always think to ask how things are going.  

Last but most definitely not least is my girl, Erin! I have known Erin for a few years through blogging and we have become pretty close over time! Last year she started ByErinCreativeCo, and I couldn't be more proud of her! She has always been there for me to give me opinions when I get stuck, and now we just bounce ideas off of each other left and right!  

In December Erin and I decided that it would be a great idea for us to have a video meeting once a month where we bounce ideas off of each other, and discuss product ideas and goals. We both do this with our husbands daily, but to do it with each other face to face was just such a great idea!  

creative meeting

This first weekend in January we had our very first creative meeting, and I had a blast! At first we just talked about any and everything, but we eventually got down to business! We discussed things that we felt were important to us and that we wanted opinions on for our business, and then gave the other person open and honest opinions. When we started the meeting, I had absolutely no idea on what to talk about, but as it went on I started a list and it grew! By the end of the meeting I walked away with new ideas, and new insights on what I should be doing!

I am already looking forward to next months meeting! Sometimes it is so great to have the opportunity to work with other business owners and get their input! Erin is a genius for coming up with the idea if you ask me! If you are a business owner and have someone that you can do something like this with, then I highly recommend it! I walked away from this meeting feeling rejuvenated and ready to kick it into gear! 

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