My Business Planner | The Day Designer

If you know me at all then you know that I am someone who LOVES office supplies! So when the year starts to wind down I always get so excited to start looking for a new planner. This year I actually have TWO planners to show you! Today I will show you the planner that I use for Tiffany Kuehl Designs


How many of you have heard about the Day Designer by Whitney English?

Believe it or not, the first time that I had ever heard of it was when I was mentioned in a comment by Erin on the instagram giveaway that SightToSee was hosting! I loved the look of it, so I entered as well and then went on about my business. I never win giveaways, so I figured that would really be the end of it. 

A couple of days later my phone suddenly beeps like two or three times in a row. I look and I have been mentioned on their feed because I WON the planner!!! SightToSee was so fast about sending it out too! I won it in the middle of December and they sent it out super quickly to make sure that I would get it before the New Year! I was super impressed with them! 

Once I received my Day Designer I was so impressed with the quality! The cover is just so pretty, and the colors pop! Then once I started flipping through it, I loved the paper! It's not a super thick paper, but the colors of my pens really stand out on it! I have had planners before where my bright colored pens just don't look so bright when I use them on the pages, and for some reason that always bugs me. The coil that binds it is obviously not a cheap coil, and the whole planner just has a lot of really nice accents throughout it. Now that we know that's it is such a great quality, let's talk a little about what's on the inside of this planner! 

This planner is so perfect for me to use this year for Tiffany Kuehl Designs! The front is FULL of worksheets that can be so helpful when you are running or starting your own business. I haven't even filled out all of these sheets yet, but I'll kind of tell you what there is! 

  1. ENVISION EXTRAORDINARY - Dream big dreams. Hope big hopes. Just write down every idea or dream that you have for the year. It doesn't matter how lofty or impossible it feels. Writing it all down is good practice and may help you achieve it without even realizing it. 
  2. PURPOSE: MISSION & WHY - Great brands begin with genuine purpose. Great brands start with your "why". Write out your family goals, financial goals, career goals, spiritual goals, and individual goals in the nice chart provided. You also write out three big ideas that you have.
  3. PRINCIPES: VALUES & HOW - The foundation of an amazing brand culture is consistent core values. Figure out all of your core values and list them. Then at the bottom you will figure out and list your top FIVE core values.
  4. PASSIONS - Passions are what re-energize us. Passions refuel our hearts and spirit, and give us energy for the journey. List your passions out on this page. 
  5. POWERS: STRENGTHS, TALENTS, & SKILLS - figure out what your strengths are, then define what that strength means to you. Then rename it. The page mentiones purchasing a new book and using it to fill this spot out, but I don't think I will do that. 
  6. IF YOUR PLANNING A BRAND - Here is where you will define who your ideal client is. Next you will figure out the best way to communicate and reach out to that client now that you have determined who they are. 
  7. BRING IT ALL TOGETHER : YOUR STRATEGIC BRAND PLAN - This page is a visual representation of your personal, unique brand. Use the sheets you filled out before and fill this graph out. This is possibly one of my favorite pages, and one I look forward to filling out.
  8. YEARLY GOAL SETTING - This page gives you space to put your goals for all aspects of your life in three month increments. It will really make me look and think of what my goals are. 
  9. MAKE IT MEASURABLE - Take the 20 goals from the previous page and give them a time frame. When exactly do you need to finish the goal, what resources do you need in order to finish them, what obstacles could stop you? Lastly, and perhaps most importantly are FIRST STEPS to help jump start you. What are the little steps you need to do now to start to achieve these goals?

Didn't I tell you that this planner really makes you focus and can be helpful to anyone who owns (or is starting) a business?!? It's amazing to me to have this to push myself to really think and plan!

Then when you do get to the daily sheets, they are amazing! Each page is divided up into several areas that are super helpful through the day. If you look in the third page image that I provided you will see that there is a spot for Today's Top Three list, Money Due, Dinner, Dollars Earned, Don't Forget, Shedule, Other To-Do's Download, and Daily Gratitude! I love it! I can keep up with anything I pay or get paid that day on the same sheet as my todo list for work. I always write GROW in my daily gratitude though just so that it is always visible! I LOVE THE DAY DESIGNER! If your interested in it you could always download the free preview! It lets you use one of the daily sheets!

I do really love this planner for Tiffany Kuehl Deisgns! Would I use it for my personal daily life? Absolutely not! But it's amazing if your a business owner!