Daily Chores

Am I the only one who thinks that some sort of chores should start at a young age? When I was little I had certain jobs that were just mine to do. I never had a problem doing them, and I loved earning my allowance. As I grew up I became a little OCD about cleanliness. The daily chores continued, but not because I was being told to do them. I make myself a little todo list and check it off daily.

Then we had Sydney, and as you know kids are definitely not clean! Since she starts school this year, I was thinking it is also a good time to start giving her chores to do. After thinking about it I decided that her chores should be little things that she can do to just help around here, and keep her mess to a minimum. 

Her chores are:

  1. Feed Piggy
  2. Brush her teeth - Yes this has to be a chore, because she HATES brushing her teeth.
  3. Pick Up Toys
  4. Make her bed
  5. Put dirty clothes in laundry
  6. Do dishes - She is in charge of the silverware

But just telling her to do these things doesn't work. That's when I started looking at chore charts on pinterest. I just didn't like any of them and I didn't feel they had the shores I needed. We needed pictures, not words. And for it to draw her attention it needs to be pretty. So on Monday I started working on it and came up with a chore chart that is just for her.

sydney's chore chart

She LOVED it! Once I printed it off I slipped it into one of these display folders that I found on clearance at walmart, and hung it on her closet door. Now she can mark it off with a dry erase marker as she completes each chore, and I only have to print it off once! 

I think it turned out to be super cute! When I posted it on my personal instagram and facebook I had a couple of people show interest. So if you want one for your kiddo just let me know and we can work out the details in an email.

So tell me: How do you feel about your kiddo doing chores? Do you feel they should have that responsibility yet? What is your take on giving a 4 or 5 year old a small allowance if they complete the full week of chores?

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