Sydney's Birthday

On September 26th my little girl turned FIVE. As of last year we have a tradition of spending her actual birthday as a family doing lots of fun things, and then having a party for her friends that weekend. Her actual birthday typically starts bright and EARLY. I always use whatever leftover streamers and balloons from the year before and I cover her little doorway. I had thought about skipping it this year, and then of course she mentioned it as she was getting ready for bed. I suppose now it is a tradition as well. 

Once we were all up she noticed that there were PRESENTS on the table! Try telling your little girl that she can wait and  open them in a little while, and that won't go over too well. Lol. So the moment that Chris and I had our coffee in our hands she was ready to go! There was a present from my family in Georgia and a present from Chris and I. She was just DYING to find out what was in each box!!! 


Once the presents were opened she played with them for a while so that we could wake up a bit more before going out for the day. We got her kinetic sand and she got some Lisa Frank paper dolls, as well as rain gear, from my family so she was pretty occupied for a while. 

Eventually we all got dressed started our Birthday Adventure. First stop was the mall. Sydney's Grandma was taking her to pick out a present from her, and we were taking her to Build-A-Bear to build another My Little Pony. This year she picked Apple Jack. Does anyone remember which pony she made last year???  

After that little bit of shopping we went to eat and then play at the play center attached to the restaurant. She played in the playground, bounced on the big bouncy trampoline, rode go karts, and then we found something we could all do...BOWLING!!!

When we do stuff like this, it becomes very obvious that the entire family has a very competitive streak. Both Chris and Sydney were going to win! Chris won, but Sydney thinks she did. Haha! 

It was still pretty early when we finished bowling, so we took off in hopes of finding something else to do. We were torn between the deer park and the new african style zoo that was in town. We decided on the zoo since we have been to the deer park. When we got there we learned that there would be a train ride, and then we could walk around and explore afterwards. 

Someone was super excited to see what would happen on this train ride. It wasn't a very long one, but we did get to feed some African deer that liked to get really up close and personal. Lol. Those suckers would get right into the train with you as long as hey knew that you had some carrots to feed them! There was even one that started trying to eat Chris' pocket right off of his shorts! It was cute. 

But once you go off of the train there just wasn't a whole lot to see. There was a camel, a giraffe, a lion, a tiger, and a small handful of other animals. That would have been perfectly fine if it was cheap or free like a lot of other zoos around here. But you would not believe how much we spent for four people to go in and do this. We walked away feeling a little robbed. But we had a hungry birthday girl and there was an ice cream shop nearby, so there wasn't enough time to dwell on feeling like we had just been robbed blind. 

Since it was her birthday, we did things a little backwards and got Sydney her birthday treat and then went to dinner. She chose lunch and it was at our least favorite place. So the adults got to choose dinner and she wasn't obligated to eat much since she had just had her treat. We knew she would eat at home, so it was fine not to eat much out.  

Knowing this we went to a place called New Orleans. Can you guess what kind of food they have there??? Chris and I love going there once in a while. The last couple of times that we have gone, I have gotten the crawfish boil. This time was not going to be any different. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinners and Sydney ate little bits off of our plates. Then once we were finished Chris showed me once again that there are just so many reasons that I love him so much. This picture just makes me happy in so many ways! He can be serious when he needs to be. But he can also be just as playful as that little girl right there. When he put my crawfish bodies on his fingers and started wiggling them around at Sydney I almost DIED! I do love him so! lol.  

After dinner we went home and relaxed. We started in the early morning, and came home in the late afternoon. It had been a LONG day and we were all pooped. But at least we know that Sydney had a fun birthday!  

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