Sydney's A Preschooler!!!

I know exactly what you are thinking.... How the heck is that possible? But you read it right, my little girl is officially in preschool. This is technically her third week of school, and she LOVES it! 

I was totally expecting to have a week or so of tears at drop off, and excited squeals at pickup. That first afternoon when Chris and I dropped her off she just ran in and started playing. No hugs, no "goodbye" , and no "I love you" coming from this kid. She forgot we were there and just ran off. 

Her school only runs from 12:20 to 2:50, so it's a short day. While she was in school Chris and I went out for a little lunch date at a local cafe, and did a little bit of shopping. Then when we went to pick her up, we got the squeals of excitement that we were expecting all along. When we got home she was telling us how much fun she had, and that she couldn't wait to go back the next morning. 

It's so funny, because I can not even begin to tell you how much I have stressed about her starting school. Then she just runs in on her first day like she has been doing it for years. I thought that was pretty freaking awesome.

Our preschool is a co-op so the parents get to volunteer and help out in classes every so often. Last Thursday was my parent helper/snack day, and I was pretty excited to see what school was like for her. They may only be there for a couple of hours. But that time is literally packed full of fun learning. I loved helping out, and watching her have fun. It's great to know that she is in such great hands, and staying so active during her time there.

I have noticed that a lot of you guys now have preschoolers as well. How did they do? Do they LOVE it?  

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