Lilly Lucy Shop

Oh mamas, if you have little girls, I have a treat for you! 

All little girls love hair ties, headbands, and clips right? A dear friend of mine has been selling these on Facebook for a while. But last week she went for it, and launched a brand new shop on Etsy! Not only are they hand made items of an amazing quality, but they are so cheap!!! Headbands are $5, the hair ties are $1, and shipping is only $3! 

With school starting so soon, and prices like these, I am really thinking of hair accessories to go with Sydney's outfits this year. I am definitely going to be buying a couple of these from her! 


I definitely have a favorite though! I love the flower bands like these. Sydney saw me looking on Facebook and said "ooh, that's pretty!", so we will definitely be trying them out. I really love the fact that if you love the style, but want a smaller bow, she is willing to do it for you. Because I love bows and flowers and such on Sydney, but I am not partial to really big ones. So this is huge to me!


I am so very proud of Stephany for putting herself out there with her business. I know how hard it can be to launch something new like this, and I can't wait to see her business thrive! Make sure you head over and check out Lilly Lucy Shop on Facebook and on Etsy! Seriously, you will not be disappointed.

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